Another round for Chicago-Winchester neighbors

The two buildings at 1916-24 W. Chicago continue to be topics of community discussion. The properties would have been razed for condominiums in an unsuccessful 2007 proposal.

Both addresses came up in a meeting that Ald. Manny Flores (1st Ward) called Feb. 26 to get neighbor feedback on the 1916 property. Flores said he had not yet made a decision.

CD One Price Cleaners and landlord Kenneth Lebovic both have asked the East Village Association to revisit its recommendation that Flores not allow a dry-cleaning plant there despite the prevailing storefront zoning. Board members feel the issue was thoroughly aired before the January membership vote.

The alderman's meeting discussed parking and environmental concerns with about a dozen neighbors. The newer chemical One Price uses is a neurotoxin and skin and eye irritant, but less toxic than traditional solvents and handled in cartridges for safety. Flores rejected claims that this was a "green" process, but said the Environmental Protection Agency and city fire Department had no issues with the plant.

Flores also discussed The Winchester Bar next door. The original request involved a zoning change, an incidental liquor license, an amusement license and the right for a rooftop deck. Flores said he would not support a rooftop idea or anything with Bar or Tavern in the name.

Neighbors voiced concerns about prospects of DJ entertainment and the overall size of the establishment, which would compete for scarce parking even with a valet on site.

SoKo boutique stays on Chicago Avenue

A message from SoKo Fashion, 1925 W Chicago, was forwarded Friday to the CAPS Beat 1322 e-mail list, with a comment from beat coordinator David J. Stumm Sr.: “You have done a GREAT job of helping a neighborhood business!”

Within days of announcing the closing of SoKo Fashion, customers came out in droves searching for answers & of course seeking out some amazing deals.

It was sad to explain to customers that fear had invaded the air and the economy was raining on our parade. Lucky for SoKo Fashion though, 2 things happened:

1. Customers shopped like their lives depended on it (this was the much needed x-mas that didn't happen in December) and

2. SoKo was presented with 2 offers from customers who were just unwilling to accept that SoKo was shutting its' doors. The first offer was to buy the business. The second offer was to partner with owner, Sheri Roney. WooHoo!

We decided to go with the latter and partner with our long-standing customer who has also become a great friend to the owner!

Let us introduce Amanda Wood! No seriously, we want you to come to our meet 'n greet with Amanda on March 12 from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. More details to come. With that said, please note the final day of our 40% off sale is this Sunday, March 1.

We are so thankful to have such loyal and dedicated customers, because without you this wouldn't have been possible.

It really does take a community to raise a business. Thank you.

Postmaster to deliver an update on Wicker Park station

Postmaster Gerrie Barnett Cambell meets Monday, April 6 with East Village Association members to give an update on a planned move of the Wicker Park post office.

Plans to move the 60622 post office from 1635 W. Division will be discussed at 7 p.m. Monday at the Happy Village Tavern, at Thomas and Wolcott. Options may include separate retail and operational stations.

The postal update is rescheduled from March. Previous stationmaster Carlos Johnson told EVA two years ago that finding a larger space was a priority in efforts to improve mail delivery.

Service concerns have been a hot topic even before that year, when a postal audit gave Chicago low grades for overnight mail delivery and the postmaster general called the city's delivery service the worst in the nation.

Since then, a new 60642 ZIP code was carved out east of Ashland Avenue (still served by the Wicker Park office) and a 1st Ward Customer Advisory Council was set up. (Its website indicates no meetings since last June).

Alderman Burnett supports landmarking St. Boniface

By Scott A. Rappe

A large group of East Village, Noble Square and Eckhart Park residents converged on the Chicago Avenue office of Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 19. Their appeal to the 27th Ward alderman, one that they have made several times previously, was simple: Request landmark designation for St. Boniface Church before it’s too late.

Suprisingly, Ald. Burnett agreed to do so, and even signed the Commission on Chicago Landmarks’ Landmark Suggestion Form. But the fear is that it’s already too late. The 90-day demolition delay expires March 4, and Burnett’s request won’t be on the commission’s agenda until the April meeting. The archdiocese could legally demolish the vacant building at 921 N. Noble St. in the intervening time.

It is difficult to know whether this is a cynical last-minute attempt by the alderman to sign on with preservationists to avoid blame if the church comes down, or whether word of a potential development deal has made landmarking a real possibility.

Ald. Burnett disclosed that a developer is looking at the St. Boniface property as the potential location for a senior housing development that would include the restored church. The developer is seeking the generous tax benefits that come with restoring a landmarked property, but does not want to pay for the property.

To work, such a deal would have to rely on a "property swap," whereby the archdiocese would transfer ownership of the church to the city in return for another property. The city would then transfer the St. Boniface to the developer.

Apparently the archdiocese has been interested for years in Richard E. Byrd Community Academy, a public school in Cabrini-Green at 363 W. Hill St. Ald. Burnett has denied previous requests to give away the building, which the archdiocese would demolish to provide parking for St. Joseph school across the street. Now, the archdiocese’s interest in Byrd, the community’s desire to save St. Boniface and a private developer’s plan for restoring the church have created the unique potential for an eleventh hour solution.

Although this is a positive turn of events, those attending the meeting left with many questions unanswered. Will the archdiocese consent to extend the demolition delay another 90 days? Will the developer’s plans meet with community approval? Will the dismantled school facade be reconstructed? Will the three-way property transfer actually work?

Perhaps one important fact that came out of the meeting can provide a clue: Mayor Daley wants St. Boniface saved.

Casual dining planned for Chicago and Winchester

By Billy Loumbardias

I am interested in opening up a restaurant at the property my family has located at the corner of Chicago and Winchester. The Winchester, at 1924 W. Chicago, will be an inviting establishment catering to the needs and demands of the neighborhood.

The space will include an elegant and open layout with a large dining area, bar and a gourmet kitchen featuring food prepared by Chef David Gray and my mom. The sidewalk will be fixed up beautifully with the exterior of the building.

Flat-screen televisions and music set our overall ambience. We are looking to cater to neighborhood functions as well as charitable events, so I am requesting an incidental liquor license from the city, along with a "public place of amusement" license.

I need the PPA for fund-raisers in the dining/private room. To collect any cover charge or money you need that license. Also, I need a music controller/dj for some events or if there is a game going on where the TVs will all be on. During commercials music will be played. Usually there will be no sound on the TVs, just some music for the feel of the place. There will be no stage.

Our concept will offer elements of casual dining featuring a flexible service model serving lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. This allows our patrons to choose among convenient dining options such as quick casual counter service, comfortable dining table service or even take-out. We will offer boldly flavored, made-to-order menu items.

The Winchester target market is based on serving the immediate neighborhood area, the local business owner as well as families dining out. We will have valet parking. We want a variety of customers and will make sure everybody can enjoy The Winchester experience.

This is a project that would hopefully be done by September if all goes well. We are excited about our project and have had great feedback from friends, residents, local businesses and the alderman’s office. We will be renovating our vintage property extensively to maintain the look and feel to blend in with the neighborhood appeal.

My family and I are looking forward to serving you and creating a contemporary atmosphere for you to frequently enjoy.

February 2009 minutes

General Meeting minutes for February 3rd, 2009 Membership Meeting
Submitted by Joe Hunnewinkel

Attendance 18
Members: 11
Non-members: 7

Presentation by owners/investors of 1659 W. Division for zoning change to allow proposed boutique hotel.

1. Dan Sheehy of Third Coast Construction presented plans:

1. Business would consist of small hotel, restaurant and lounge.

2. Hotel would have maximum 14 rooms for low impact neighborhood. Hotel staff would be 10-15, restaurant up to 40 positions.

3. Construction would begin at least 10 months after approval. Stressed Green building focus.

4. Vote was proposed, motion passed 11-0 not to oppose zoning change.

2. April board elections were discussed. Membership showed no interest in forming a nominating committee.

3. Some discussion on progress of St. Boniface. Members are encouraged to contact Alderman Burris to landmark the church and school facade.

4. Members discussed change to EVA bylaws on proxy and absentee voting.

5. City is looking for public input on improving Polish Triangle. EVA website contains link to survey, and members are encouaged to submit suggestions

6. Members discussed revisions to 24/7 Zoned parking .

7. Members voiced concern about continuing problems with Rite Liquors. Suggestions were made on steps that could b taken to force the owner of the property to improve conditions, or risk losing his license.

8. Meeting adjourned.

Board Meeting minutes for 2-9, 2009
Submitted by Joe Hunnewinkel

Board Members: Greg Nagel, Brian Thompson, Joe Hunnewinkel, Rich Ansalmo, Scott Rappe, Steven Rynkiewicz

Non- Board member: Margie Issaccson.

1. Rich Ansalmo will ask neighbors for documented examples of how Rite Liquors has been bad neighbor.

2. Margie Issacson agreed to get exact voting language for her motion to eliminate Absentee/Proxy voting in article in next newsletter

3. Rich Ansalmo will find copy of Augusta Tree Planting plan. EVA will verify resources still exist and work with the aldermen to hopefully incorporate into the spring Clean and Green.

4. Suggestions for March general meeting included current Wicker Park postmaster as guest speaker. Vote on Proxy/absentee voting.

5. Brian Thompson agreed to get documentation needed to access Paypal funds from new memberships.

6. Joe Hunnewinkel and Greg Nagel will actively welcome new neighbors in a door to door effort.

7. Board members discussed possible candidates for upcoming elections.

8. Meeting adjourned.

2009 East Village Association officers

John Scheer – President

My name is John Scheer and I moved to the East Village in 1995. Since that time I have reached out to EVA for support on numerous occasions and in return I have invested my own time and energy toward a number of neighborhood initiatives.

Most recently, I have become more active in a number of the neighborhood associations that border the East Village to establish a broader and more inclusive view of policies and directions for our members. I have also had the fascinating opportunity to learn firsthand how similar neighborhood groups are addressing some of the same questions in Milwaukee.

I continued to see the value of the EVA organization to facilitate communication and a venue to allow the residents to manage the change within our neighborhood. I have been EVA president for the past year and would appreciate your confidence in supporting me as the next President of EVA.

Greg Nagel - vice president

My name is Greg Nagel and I’m running for EVA vice president. I’ve owned and lived in a 4 flat at 1040 N. Winchester for six years now.

I grew up in the suburbs but have lived in the city since my graduation from college. I worked as CPA with Deloitte & Touche, as a management accountant with Kraft Foodservice, and as corporate controller for Pasquinelli Portrait Homes. For the last four years I have worked for Cedar Realty as a developer and residential realtor focusing on multiunit residential investment properties.

Other than being in favor for being kind to babies, puppies, and the elderly, I’m for responsible and thoughtful development and growth. I would characterize my positions as moderate and look for pragmatic compromises on most issues.

I’ve served as a board member for the last year in the capacity VP where I backed up the President running several general and board meetings, contributed to the summer barbecue, and am now chairing the membership committee. In the previous year, I was the aldermanic liaison, where I enjoyed a productive and frank relationship with Alderman Flores.

It's been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot. We have some really talented neighbors that have given so much to our community for many years that really deserve our thanks. I hope to learn from them and follow in their footsteps.

Brodi Cole - Treasurer

My name is Brodi Cole and I’ve lived in East Village since August 2006. I enjoyed the neighborhood so much that my husband and I bought our first condo at 1143 N Damen in January 2007.

I’ve lived in Chicago for 5½ years, and have spent that time working in human resources. I am currently the employee relations manager for American Girl in Water Tower mall, and in that capacity, I maintain budgets for both job recruiting and employee events.

Since joining the EVA this past August at the summer barbecue, I have taken an interest in many of the projects outlined in the monthly newsletter, including the proposed hotel at Division & Paulina. I am very excited to take a more active role in such a vibrant neighborhood, and look forward to getting to know more of my neighbors!

Dana Palmer – Secretary

My name is Dana Palmer and I am running for EVA secretary. I grew up in a small town in central Illinois and moved to Chicago in 2000 to join Americorps and later attend the Jane Addams College of Social Work at UIC. I am currently employed as a medical social worker at the John Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County.

I settled into the East Village neighborhood in 2003 with my husband. I am relatively new to EVA being a member for just over two years. Being from a small town, I missed the sense of belonging and community involvement when I moved to Chicago. However, EVA has helped to restore that sense and has taught me a great deal about city life and how to become aware of issues in my neighborhood and also how to bring people together to help resolve those issues.

I am very eager to become more involved in the neighborhood that I live in and help to preserve that sense of community and belongingness that it emits. Being elected secretary of EVA, would be a great step forward to becoming more involved.

Brief campaign gets one day shorter: Next meeting Monday, March 2

President Message by John Scheer 

Just when you thought all of the campaigning was over and the election run-offs were behind us, it’s time for the East Village Association membership to exercise their voting rights one more time and vote for the EVA officers for this next year.

We are not going to spend any money on TV spots and there are no town hall meeting scheduled. It's a much shorter election cycle than we've been used to lately.

The March meeting is the annual EVA officer election and this year. It should prove as interesting as any prior one, if for no other reason because new members are stepping forward to volunteer their time and energy to be part of the East Village.

We have two new candidates running for secretary and treasurer. Dana Palmer and Brodi Cole (be sure to read more about their biographies) are both newer to the East Village and both have very good roots within our neighborhood. Both are women, which enables us to improve our diversity in this next year. Please join us at the Monday, March 2 EVA general meeting and bring your support for our candidates for this next year.

That's another important fact about the March meeting: It is being moved up one day, rather than on the traditional first Tuesday of the month. It still will be held at 7 p.m. at the Happy Village tavern, a Wolcott and Thomas streets. I want to make sure that everyone gets the message of this date change and hope that personal schedules can accommodate this change. Please join us then.

If you have taken the time to renew your EVA membership for 2009, I thank you. If your renewal is pending, please submit your dues payment soon (you can pay online from the lower left corner of this page) so that you can retain your voting privileges. And if you prefer to remain a non-member, you are welcome and encouraged to still attend the EVA monthly meetings. Your support will be put to good use.

Let's meet and vote on absentee ballots

By Marjorie Isaacson

The East Village Association will be voting on an amendment to the Bylaws at the March General meeting on Monday, March 2. The purpose of this amendment is to restore the voting procedures to their original status. I reviewed this issue in an article in last month's newsletter, available here.

To summarize the motion: I am proposing that our Bylaws be amended to remove the proxy and absentee voting. The vast majority of large and small democratically run organizations only permit voting by those in attendance. Furthermore, quoting Robert's Rules of Order, “proxy voting is incompatible with the essential characteristics of a deliberative assembly in which membership is individual, personal and nontransferable.”

An essential point here is that an individual needs to be present for the discussion about an issue in order to make an informed decision on the vote. At our meetings, EVA goes to some trouble to provide a forum for stakeholders in issues to inform the public or make their case for an issue. We do everyone a disservice when we don’t demand that the people making decisions are present to hear them.

The specifics of the motion are to amend the bylaws to remove the second paragraph of Article VI, the last sentence of Article X and the second sentence of Article XII.

I look forward to seeing you at the general meeting on March 2.

Poll tracks Polish Triangle from many angles

A 10-page online survey asks neighbors how they would change the Division-Ashland-Milwaukee intersection's uses and aesthetics.

The canvass starts with rating the Polish Triangle's lighting, safety and comfort, followed by open-ended questions about the triangle's pluses and minuses.

Participants make choices on landscaping and other decorations, kiosks and space for fairs or other events, CTA access, traffic lanes and surrounding stores.

Finally, the poll links to a Facebook-style comment wall where readers register to post messages, photos and videos.

The survey is part of a renovation initiative in early stages. A mid-March open house will solicit more comments, said Karin Sommer, project manager for the Metropolitan Planning Council, which drafted the survey.

East Village Association planning chair Scott Rappe is on the steering committee for what he calls a "brainstorming" effort to improve the streetscape.

The Wicker Park & Bucktown Special Service Area, which funds sidewalk improvements in the business district, plans to solicit ideas from a kiosk or perhaps even a storefront. Everything's on the table, even closing streets or adding CTA entrances underground.

Residents will be encouraged to "throw out ideas" on what to do at the Division-Ashland-Milwaukee intersection, Rappe told people attending the February EVA meeting. Organizations involved with the area still need to work out details — not just financing but points as basic as who owns the land on around the Nelson Algren Fountain.

January 2009 landmarks conditions for East Village & Ukrainian Village

The following permitted work has been reviewed and approved by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, during January 2009. For a comprehensive list of approved work, by address, please go to:

East Village District

1030 N. Winchester
Exterior only: Replace 19 windows and 1 door. All work same as 1/22/2009 existing. All window replacement to be located on rear building. No window replacement to front building. No other work permitted with this approval

Ukrainian Village District

847 N. Oakley
Exterior: Replace 2 existing enclosed porches with 2 open wood 1/7/2009 porches as per Landmarks stamped drawings dated 01/07/08. No work permitted to any street facing facades, windows, or roofline with this approval.

1101 N. Damen
Exterior: Rooftop solar panels serving one unit only, and remove 1/15/2009 and replace siding only on existing penthouse as per Landmarks stamped plans dated 1/15/09. Plumbing work associated with solar panels per previously approved permit #100250649. No increase in size or height of penthouse. Mechanical Electrical only: Low voltage wiring. 1/28/2009 1/27/2009

2036 W. Haddon
Mechanical Electrical: 200 amp service. No other work permitted with this 1/26/2009 approval. 1/28/2009

2035 W. Walton
Interior work only: removal of interior non-load bearing partitions 1/27/2009 within existing 2-unit - deconvert to sfr as per Landmark stamped plans dated 01/27/09.

East Village armed robberies alert

The 13th District police commander, Judith G. Martin, distributed this safety alert on Feb. 11. Seven crimes that fit this description later were reported online this month on the website.

There have been recent robberies reported in the area of the Division to Augusta/Wood to Leavitt. Various days of the week, various times of the day.

General description: Male black, 30 to 45 years of age, 6'00" to 6'04", 200-230 lbs, brown eyes, dark hair, light to medium complexion. The offender approaches a victim, displays a handgun and demands proceeds from the victim. The offender then tells victim to walk in the opposite direction. The offender has been described as having a calm demeanor during the robbery.

Safety tips:

  • Call 911 when you see anyone fitting this description or anyone you feel is suspicious. Do not confront the individual.

  • Should a robbery occur, take no action which would jeopardize your personal safety.

  • If you feel you are being followed look for a store or a large crowd to go to and call the police. Cross the street if possible.

  • Never fight or resist the offender when the money or items are demanded. Items can be replaced but you cannot!

Chicagoans get new furnace rebates

By Marjorie Isaacson

Free money! The Chicagoland Natural Gas Savings Program is offering rebates on energy efficiency.

The program is designed to help you purchase the most energy-efficient new furnaces, boilers, clothes washers, water heaters, and insulation. The maximum rebate amounts are: $750 for insulation, $600 for boilers, $450 for furnaces, $400 for water heaters and $100 for clothes washers.

Here's how it works. You may be considering purchasing a new furnace. That's a good idea, since if your current furnace is more than 10-15 years old, it's using more gas than it needs to, and with natural gas prices where they are, you're really wasting money. When you start looking at new furnaces, you'll find that they operate at different efficiencies. It's common for people to install furnaces that are only 80% efficient, even though furnaces that are 90-95% efficient are also on available.

A new furnace is a relatively expensive investment, and high-efficiency furnaces are an additional couple of hundred dollars more expensive. But not purchasing the higher-efficiency model is a penny-wise, pound-foolish decision. You'll quickly earn back the extra cost with lower fuel bills, and continue to save every month thereafter. But now, this grant can be used to pay for the difference in cost between the lower and higher efficiency models.

Of course, this money isn't really free. If you look on your Peoples Energy bill, you'll see a line item called the Enhanced Efficiency Program. Because funds are limited, only a small percentage of customers will be able to take advantage of the rebates. Why shouldn't you be one of them? The result will be lower costs for you, and the energy efficiency improvements will have environmental benefits that everyone can enjoy.

To see a full list of eligible models and insulation and learn how to apply, link to Chicagoland Natural Gas Savings Program or call 866-964-7345. Applications must be made no later than 60 days after the purchase or by May 31, 2009, whichever comes first.

Developers pump Division-Paulina hotel idea

Neighbors met prospective builders of a restaurant and boutique hotel for Division Street at the February meeting of the East Village Association.

A vote was unanimous not to oppose a special use for 1659 W. Division. But even if Ald. Manny Flores slates the project for City Council approval, the principals said it will be 14-16 months before anything happens.

Pump Shoes and Accessories has a long-term lease at the southeast corner of Division and Paulina. Dan Sheehy of Third Coast Contstruction hopes to help relocate the shoe salon and upstairs single-room occupancy tenants.

The city would have to approve the site for the restaurant and 13-room hotel, which likely would have rates near $200 a night. Sheehy is a contractor on "green building" projects and plans to build to LEED certification standards.

"We've seen the neighborhood grow from kind of a sketchy place to a thriving neighborhood," said Terry Alexander, a partner in the Division Street venture who operated the former Soul Kitchen and current Francesca's Forno restaurants. With him was Donnie Madia, who worked with Alexander on the Randolph Street restaurant Avec. He declined after the meeting to give details on the first-floor restaurant concept.

Following the presentation, treasurer Brian Thompson reported that there's $1,200 in the EVA bank account following a $300 donation to the St. Stanislaus Kostka soup kitchen.

More on Polish Triangle renovations came from planning chair Scott Rappe, who is on the steering committee for what he called a "brainstorming" effort.

The Wicker Park & Bucktown Special Service Area, which funds sidewalk improvements in the business district, plans to solicit ideas from a kiosk or perhaps even a storefront. Everything's on the table, even closing streets or adding CTA entrances underground.

Residents will be encouraged to "throw out ideas" on what to do at the Division-Ashland-Milwaukee intersection before organizations involved with the area work out details — not just financing but points as basic as who owns the land on around the Nelson Algren Fountain.

2008 landmarks conditions for East Village & Ukrainian Village

These conditions were placed on building permits during 2008 in Chicago's East Village and Ukrainian Village landmark districts. Although the city Landmarks Division does expect neighbors to watch for potential violations, it does not post these conditions on site.

East Village District
1110 N. Wolcott
Exterior 100219662 Exterior only: Rebuild rear open wood porch, same size in existing location, front building only 1/24/2008 as per Landmarks stamped plans dated 1/24/08. No window replacement or other work permitted with this approval.

1134 N. Wolcott
Exterior 100221917 Exterior: Revise existing 4-car masonry garage per Landmarks stamped plans dated 1/31/08. 1/31/2008 New Chicago common brick sample to be submitted to Landmarks staff for review and approval prior to ordering and construction. No other work to occur with this approval. This is a modification
of Appl. #100179355 previously approved.

1139 N. Winchester
Exterior 100228290 Exterior only: Replace 5 front windows (west) with aluminum clad wood windows, new front door 3/18/2008 with sidelight and transom, install wood trim around the door, new brick molding around windows, minor repairs to front stairs and new lighting fixtures on front façade per Landmarks
reviewed exhibits dated 3/18/08.

1108 N. Wolcott
Exterior 100227797 Exterior only: Remove and replace existing rear open wood porch and stairs same size and 3/18/2008 location as per Landmarks stamped plans dated March 18, 2008. No window replacement or other work allowed with this permit.

1025 N. Wood
Mechanical 100226934 Electrical only: Up-grade service and add 1 20 amp circuit. Install GFI's as requires. 3/20/2008

1110 N. Wolcott

855 N. Wolcott
Exterior 100231676 Rebuild existing front wood porch to address a violation. The porch to be same size and location 4/24/2008 as existing. No window replacement or other exterior work to occur with this approval.

856 N. Hermitage
Exterior 100236123 Exterior: Construct garage at rear of property mid-block. No work allowed to residence. 5/9/2008

862 N. Hermitage
Exterior 100236113 Exterior: Construct garage at rear of property located mid-block. No work allowed to residence. 5/9/2008

1102 N. Wolcott
Exterior 100235841 Exterior: Tuckpoint 1 side of 3 DU bldg.; replace 15 bricks; replace parapet coping entire length 5/13/2008 of both sides of bldg.; repair metal front cornice to match original; any new brick and mortar to match extg. No change to windows or other work to front façade. Scope of work to address stop-work order 28273 issued 05/08/06.

1057 N. Honore
Exterior 100233361 Exterior: Remove and replace existing rear open wood porch with metal porch as per Landmarks 5/14/2008 stamped plans dated 14 May 2008. No window replacement or other work allowed.

1025 N. Wood
Exterior and Interior 100233751 Exterior and Interior: Dormer addition to 2 story residential building as per Landmarks stamped 5/21/2008 plans dated May 21, 2008. New dormer to be on north side of building behind existing dormer. Non historic asphalt cladding on existing dormers to be removed and historic materials exposed and repaired. If replacement is needed Landmarks staff shall review and approve all areas of replacement which shall match historic materials. No window replacement or other work allowed with this approval.

859 N. Winchester
Exterior 100239567 Exterior: Replace damaged bricks and mortar joints on exterior parapet walls on the south side of 5/28/2008 the building. New mortar to match existing in color, composition, and joint profile. New brick to match existing in size, profile, texture, and color. No window replacement or other work allowed
with this permit.

830 N. Hermitage
Mechanical 100221890 Mechanical: Hot Water Heater (Replacement Only): QTY 1 6/17/2008 6/23/2008

1122 N. Winchester
Exterior 100243883 Exterior: Replace 50 SQ. FT. of decking and 4 floor joist to rear deck. No exterior work to existing 6/23/2008 doors and windows is permitted on this approval.

1101 N. Winchester
Exterior 100247391 Exterior only: Remove and replace 16 windows on the west and south elevations to address 7/15/2008 violations. New windows to be clad-wood double-hung windows with wood brick molds per submitted exhibits. West elevation windows to be installed no later than September 12, 2008 and south elevation windows no later than October 17, 2008. No other work permitted with this approval.

1025 N. Wood
Exterior 100249266 Exterior only: Replace 7 front façade windows with aluminum-clad wood double hung windows. 7/24/2008 Existing brick molds to be repaired and retained. Window muntins on first and second floor to match submitted exhibit. No other work permitted with this approval.

825 N. Winchester
Interior 100248971 Interior: 4 D.U. basement alterations including new basement concrete slab as per Landmark 7/25/2008 stamped plans date 7/25/08. No window replacement or other work permitted with this approval. Revision of existing Appl. # 100200177, issued on 11/2/07. No other revisions to original permit
allowed with this approval.

1128 N. Wolcott
Exterior 100252403 Window replacement on side elevations only (20 windows) with clad-wood 1/1 double-hung 8/12/2008 Marvin windows as per Landmark stamped plans dated 08/12/08. Existing front façade windows and brick molds to remain and to be repaired. NO OTHER WORK TO FACADES ALLOWED

1114 N. Wolcott
Exterior 100251767 Exterior: Masonry work only: Grind and tuckpoint parapet on north wall only. New mortar to 8/22/2008 match historic in regard to color, type, finish and joint profile No structural work, no powerwashing. No window replacement permitted with this approval.

858 N. Wolcott
Exterior 100257558 Exterior: Tuckpointing; no structural work. No window replacement. New mortar to match historic 9/15/2008 mortar in color, composition and joint profile. No other work allowed.

1118 N. Wolcott
Exterior 100250303 Exterior: Repair/rebuild front metal cornice. Salvageable elements of historic cornice to be 10/7/2008 repaired and reinstalled wherever possible. Any new metalwork to match Landmarks stamped submitted photos and dimensioned exhibits dated 10/7/08. Photos of completed work to be
submitted to Landmarks. No other work permitted with this approval.

1026 N. Winchester
Exterior and Interior 100249903 Interior buildout, replacement of windows on sides of building, tuckpointing, all new electrical, 10/16/2008 mechanical/plumbing systems and new garage at the rear of the lot per Landmarks stamped plans dated 10/16/2008. Existing windows on the front façade to remain, front entry doors, transom and all trim to remain and be repaired. Tuckpointing mortar to match origianl in type, color and joint profile. No window replacement on the front façade or masonry chemical cleaning or sandblasting allowed with this approval.

1124 N. Winchester
Exterior 100263109 Exterior: Construct new porch at rear as per Landmarks stamped plans dated 23 October 2008. 10/23/2008 No window replacement or other work allowed

1114 N. Wolcott
Exterior 100264237 Exteterior only: Remove and replace windows on the non-primary elevations per submitted 10/24/2008 exhibit dated 10/24/08. Window replacement on the south façade not to occur east of the existing light well. No change to front façade windows permitted with this approval.

1014 N. Winchester
Exterior and Interior 100253033 Exterior and Interior: Apartment renovation and remove and replace rear deck as per Landmarks 12/8/2008 stamped plans dated 08 December 2008. Window replacement allowed at first floor ONLY. No other work allowed.

1131 N. Winchester
New Construction: 100254633 Exterior and interior work including: new rear 2-story frame addition with cedar siding and 12/8/2008 Addition legalizing existing 3rd-floor dormer as per Landmark stamped plans dated 12/08/08. NO CHANGE TO EXISTING ROOFLINE, NO NEW SKYLIGHTS, EXISTING WINDOWS TO REMAIN

Ukrainian Village District
1138 N. Hoyne
Mechanical 6/7/2007 100220371 Mechanical: One meter 100 A temporary service. No window replacement or other work allowed. 1/17/2008

2235 W. Iowa
New Construction: 100223177 New Construction: Erect detached frame garage (27' x 20' x 12') with alley access. Garage to be 2/7/2008 Garage located behind house on mid-block lot.

2022 W. Haddon
Exterior 100224574 Exterior: Erect a detached frame garage, 20'x20' with two one-square foot roof vents; alley 2/27/2008 access. No window replacement or work allowed to the residence.

1043 N. Hoyne
Exterior and Interior 100213545 Interior and exterior: Interior alterations to an existing three story, four unit masonry building to 3/12/2008 address violations for plumbing. Work to include mech. plumb., elec, masonry w/lintels and carpentry per Landmarks stamped plans dated 3/12/08. Existing front doors to remain. New windows on the front façade to be wood with transoms.

1015 N. Hoyne
Exterior and Interior 100228104 Exterior & Interior: Drywall repair. Replace (5) windows AT REAR ONLY - same as existing. No 3/17/2008 work allowed to front façade.

2024 W. Walton
Exterior and Interior 2/7/2008 100199107 Exterior and interior: Interior alterations to deconvert 3 DU to a single family residence and erect 3/17/2008 dormer addition as per Landmarks stamped plans dated 17 March 2008. No window replacement to occur. Remove permastone cladding from front façade, clean and repoint exitsing brick. Remove awning and supports over entry door. No other work allowed with this permit

1056 N. Damen
Exterior 3/1/2007 100229364 Exterior only: Windows replacement per Landmarks reviewed plans dated 3/26/08. Project to 3/26/2008 include removal of windows on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the north and east elevations and replacement with wood double-hung windows. Windows on the north elevation of the first floor to be corrected per plans. No other work permitted with this approval.

1015 N. Hoyne
Mechanical 100230237 Electrical: Ten lighting cans, ten receptacles on three circuits for kitchen and bathroom. No 4/7/2008 window replacement or other work allowed.

1015 N. Hoyne
Exterior and Interior 100231498 Interior and exterior work: Replace kitchen sink, floor, appliances, new conduit, lighting, drywall, 4/9/2008 pressure wash brick with water only, paint windows and metal cornice. Pressure washing not to exceed 400psi and no chemical cleaning allowed with this permit. Windows replacement under separate permit. EXISTING METAL CORNICE TO BE RETAINED - NO OTHER WORK

1040 N. Leavitt
Interior 100232317 Interior: Work to be done at units 1,2,3 at 2200 W. Cortez address ONLY. Patch and repair 4/14/2008 drywall and paint; sanding and refinish floors; install wall and floor tile in bathrooms; clean and paint molding. No plans submitted for review. No window replacement or exterior work allowed.

1015 N. Hoyne
Exterior 100232047 Exterior: Exterior alterations to brick in lower 18" of existing window at rear; same lintel to 4/16/2008 remain. No other window replacement or exterior alterations allowed.

1108 N. Wolcott
Mechanical 100234107 Mechanical only: 3 meter 200-amp service. No other work allowed. Plans were not reviewed with 4/29/2008 this application.

1125 N. Damen
Exterior and Interior 100229543 Interior and exterior: Remodel basement apartment in masonry 4 unit 3 story building per 5/6/2008 Landmarks stamped plans dated 5/6/08. Basement level windows on the front façade to be replaced with new double-hung windows. Existing mullion and brick molds to be retained and repaired where necessary. In order to address previously cited violations, permit also includes replacing 2 windows on the third floor front facade with new arch-top double-hung windows as well as reinstallation of beveled glass transom window on the first floor. Existing brick molds to be retained and repaired where necessary. Window corrections to be completed no later than 9/1/08. Owner to notify Landmarks staff for a site visit when work is complete.

2139 W. Thomas
Exterior and Interior 100242651 Interior and exterior: Interior renovation of rear addition per Landmarks stamped plans. Includes 6/13/2008 new windows on existing rear addition only. No structural changes. No changes to the front façade or window replacement permitted with this approval.

2131 W. Haddon
Exterior and Interior 100241971 Interior and exterior: Deconvert existing 2-flat to single family residence. New interior stair, 6/17/2008 renovate two existing bathrooms, and new concrete slab-on-grade per Landmarks stamped plans dated 6/17/08. Existing basement level door to remain. Existing brick at northwest corner to be repaired and reinstalled. New mortar to match historic in regard to color, type, finish and profile. No change to existing front façade doors and windows.

7/8/2008 1125 N. Damen
New Construction: 100246209 New Construction: To address violation. Remove a 1 story garage and erect a detached frame 7/8/2008 Garage garage 18' x 21' x 15' with 2 sq. foot roof vents with alley access for a mid-block property. New garage to match size and location of previous garage (already removed) per Landmarks stamped exhibit dated 7/8/08.. No other work permitted with this approval.

7/15/2008 1053 N. Leavitt
Exterior 100247468 Exterior only: tuckpointing in front of building. All work same as existing. New mortar to match 7/15/2008 historic in regard to color, type, finish, and joint profile. No window replacement or other work permitted with this approval.

1100 N. Damen
Exterior 100249796 Exterior: Replace 37 windows on the south and east elevations to address windows violations. 7/28/2008 Existing brick molds and mullions to be exposed, repaired, and retained. If replacement is required new wood elements shall match profile of historic exactly. New aluminum-clad wood
windows to be installed per Landmark's stamped exhibits dated 7/28/08. No other work permitted with this approval. Work to be completed by November 14, 2008.

1016 N. Oakley
Exterior 100250046 Exterior: Replace front door on Landmark building. No window replacement or other exterior 7/29/2008 work allowed.

1100 N. Hoyne
Mechanical 100250120 Electrical work only - change electrical service. No other work to occur with this approval. 7/31/2008

2025 W. Walton
Exterior 100250733 Exterior: Replace existing rear open frame porch as per Landmark stamped plans dated 8/4/2008 08/04/08. No window replacement or other exterior work permitted with this approval.

2015 W. Haddon
Exterior 5/4/2006 100253352 Exterior: Remove/replace eleven windows on the front façade of the front building to address 8/19/2008 violations. New windows to be vinyl-clad wood per submitted exhibits, including new wood brick molds. No other work permitted with this approval. Work to be complete by February 19, 2009.

82315 W. Cortez
Exterior 100254066 Exterior: Re-shingle roof 800 SF same as existing. No structural changes to roof allowed. No 8/21/2008window replacement or other work allowed.

2039 W. Cortez
Exterior and Interior 100253714 Exterior and Interior: Deconversion of 2-flat to SFR with a single-story rear deck and interior 8/28/2008 alterations as per Landmarks stamped plans dated 28 August 2008. No window replacement or exterior work allowed on primary facade.

1101 N. Damen
Exterior and Interior 100250649 Interior and exterior: Interior renovation to 3rd and 4th floor owner's unit of an existing masonry 8/29/2008 five unit building. All new mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Repair existing roof decking. Existing front door to remain. No new roof top additions permitted with this approval.

2022 W. Haddon
Exterior 100256207 Exterior: Repair wood porch post and miscellaneous tuckpointing and repair as per landmarks 9/8/2008 stamped plans dated 08 September 2008. New mortar to match historic mortar in composition, color, and joint profile. No window replacement or other work allowed.

2017 W. Haddon
Exterior 100258960 Exterior only: Replace roof shingles, replace soffit and fascia, replace hanging gutters, repair 9/23/2008 chimney as needed. New mortar to match historic in regard to color, type, finish and joint profile. Wood fascia and soffit to be replaced with new wood to match existing size, location and profile. No structural work involved. No plans were reviewed with this approval.

2149 W. Walton
Exterior 100265076 Exterior: Parapet wall grinding and tuckpointing (70%). New mortar to match existing mortar in 10/30/2008 color, composition, and joint profile. No window replacement or other work allowed.

2149 W. Walton
Environmental Environmental Environmental: Grinding with vacuum attachments. No window replacement. No chemical 10/30/2008
cleaning. No other work allowed.

2026 W. Thomas
Exterior 100264939 Exterior: Garage to be constructed at the rear of an existing building mid-block. No window 11/12/2008 replacement or other work allowed to residence.

1115 N. Leavitt
Mechanical 1002667351 Interior: Hot water heater replacement. No window replacement 11/24/2008

1047 N. Hoyne
Mechanical 100266863 Interior: Hot water heater replacement. No window replacement. 11/24/2008

1101 N. Damen
Miscellaneous 100271315 Miscellaneous: Change plumber on permit 100250649. Administrative revision - no work 12/15/2008 allowed with this permit.

2039 W. Walton
Interior 100218578 Interior only: Replacing drywall and refinishing floors and associated electrical at a first floor unit. 1/4/2008 Extension No plans were reviewed with this approval. No window replacement or other work permitted with this approval.

2238 W. Rice
Interior 100211212 Interior only: Addition to existing Appl. #100145647 to install an interior enclosed vertical 1/15/2008 Extension wheelchair lift in existing church per Landmarks stamped plans dated 01/15/08. No other work permitted with this approval.

2251 W. Walton
Mechanical 100210550 Mechanical: Replace one water heater.

923 N. Leavitt
Exterior 100221925 Exteriors only: Replace existing rear porch with new 3-story open wood porch and stairs as per 2/13/2008 Extension Landmarks stamped plans dated February 13, 2008. No window replacement or other work allowed with this approval.

2238 W. Rice
Interior 100226436 Interior work only: add one new vertical wheelchair lift located in existing southwest interior 3/6/2008Extension stairway from main level to basement. NO CHANGE TO EXTERIOR WALLS, WINDOWS, OR ROOFLINE ALLOWED WITH THIS PERMIT.

958 N. Leavitt
Exterior 100223262 Exterior only: Repair rear open porch and stairs, same as existing per Landmarks stamped plans 3/13/2008 Extension dated 3/13/08. No window replacement or other work permitted with this approval.

1048 N. Oakley
Exterior and Interior 100230370 Exterior and Interior work: Renovation of 3 units as per Landmarks stamped plans dated April 15, 4/15/2008 Extension 2008. Exterior work to include new rear porch. No window or door replacement allowed. No other work allowed with this approval.

2245 W. Iowa
Interior 100235624 Interiors only: Patch and repair drywall, remove and replace cabinets, countertops and doors in 5/2/2008 Extension 1st and 2nd floor. No window or exterior door replacement permitted. No other work permitted with this approval. No plans were reviewed with this application.

952 N. Hoyne
Exterior 100241182 Exterior: Repair/replace gutter and downspouit. Repairs on enclosed porch. Replace rear doors 6/19/2008 Extension and windows with same size and location. Provide 42" railings. Replace vinyl siding on enclosed rear porch with smooth finish cement siding. Garage repairs. All work per Landmarks stamped exhbits dated 6/19/08. No change to front façade windows or doors permitted with this 6/12/2008 7/1/2008

2201 W. Cortez
Exterior 100242492 Exterior only: Repair existing concrete stairs. Window and door modifications to address 7/1/2008 Extension violations of landmark building. Project to include removal of basement level door and replacement of glass block windows with three double-hung wood windows with a central vertical
muntin in the upper sash. Upper sash to be a true divided lite or simulated divided light with a spacer bar. New 7" wood dividing mullions to match submitted exhibit. New wood brick molds to match profile of submitted exhibit. All new window elements to match submitted historic photo in regard to details, profiles, and proportions. Existing vinyl window under stairs to be removed and door opening restored. Wood panel door to be installed in restored door opening per submitted exhibit. Existing concrete stairs to be resurfaced and widened by no more than 6", and a dark colored metal handrail to be installed. No other work permitted with this approval.

2241 W. Rice
Exterior 100245977 Exterior work: reconstruct exterior front porch and stair as per Landmark stamped plans dated 8/11/2008 Extension 08/11/08. Existing bricks and stone to be salvaged, stored and reused as much as possible. Landmarks staff to approve replacement brick prior to order and installation and to approve all replacement areas prior to installation. New mortar to match existing brick color and to match existing mortar profile. EXISTING BRICK AND STONE ON MAIN FAÇADE TO BE RETAINED - NO WORK PROPOSED. NO CHANGE TO EXISTING WINDOWS OR DOORS ALLOWED WITH THIS PERMIT.

2245 W. Iowa
Mechanical 100254461 Electrical only: Upgrade overhead service for two flat buildings 2 x 100 amp plus public meter as 8/26/2008 Extension separate.

2207 W. Walton Exterior 100255506 Exterior only: Tuckpointing- no structural wor- 3750 sq.ft. New mortar to match historic in regard 9/2/2008 Extension to color, type, finish and joint profile. No window or door replacement permitted with this 9/4/2008

2025 W. Walton
Mechanical 100255342 Mechanical: Electrical service upgrade 9/4/2008 Extension

2218 W. Augusta
Exterior 100256204 Exterior only: Rear balcony repair by adding two 6x6" posts for support and repair of concrete 9/16/2008 Extension sidewalk and parking area per Landmarks stamped plans dated 9/16/08. No window replacement permitted with this approval.

2258 W. Walton
Exterior 100260233 Exterior: Repair existing masonry porch canopy as per Landmarks stamped plans dated 06 10/6/2008 Extension October 2008. Reuse existing brick where possible. New masonry to match existing in color, size, texture, and profile. New mortar to match existing in color, composition, and joint profile. No window replacement or other work allowed.

1012 N. Oakley
Exterior 100263181 Exterior work only: Tuckpointing 300 sq.ft. New mortar to match historic in regard to color, type, 10/17/2008 Extension finish, and joint profile. No window replacement or other work permitted with this approval.

2245 W. Cortez
Exterior and Interior 100263862 Exterior and interior work to repair fire-damaged house: replace all 32 windows - 6 front façade 10/23/2008 Extension windows to be wood or clad-wood 1/1 double-hungs. Existing brick mold to remain. Any grinding to be done carefully so as not to damage masonry pieces, joint width to remain unchanged, new mortar to match historic in color, profile, and composition. East/side masonry parapet repair as needed. Any replacement common brick to match existing common brick - parapet height to remain unchanged.

2240 W. Augusta
Exterior 100263324 Remove and replace front and rear stair as per Landmark stamped plans dated 11/10/08. NO 11/10/2008 Extension CHANGE TO FRONT MASONRY PORCH PIERS, OVERHANG OR RAILINGS ON TOP OF PORCH. NEW RAILINGS AND DECORATIVE NEWEL POSTS AT PAINTED WOOD FRONT STAIR TO MATCH STAMPED PLANS.

2144 W. Walton
Exterior and Interior 100210526 Exterior and interior: Remodeling to existing single family residence including new rear open 1/8/2008 Extension wood porch. Decorative mullions and brick molds of first floor and basement to remain. New brick molds on second story to match existing in size and profile. Masonry patching to match historic in size, shape, color, and texture and joint profile. Existing front doors to remain. Project to include new wood windows. No other work permitted with this approval.

1053 N. Leavitt
New Construction 100216279 New Construction only: Erect new masonry garage with roof deck as per Landmarks stamped 2/20/2008 Extension plans dated February 20, 2007. West elevation to be standard-sized brick and mortar shall match the color of the face brick. No other work allowed with this approval.