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Landmark neglect draws Hopkins' attention

Ald. Brian Hopkins and EVA president Michael VanDam discuss landmark buildings at the Happy Village patio. Ald. Hopkins asked EVA to find threatened structures that should be preserved, and gave details on his attempt to shore up the landmark ordinance. East Village Association membership meeting Oct. 2, 2017 Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott Ave. Ald. Brian Hopkins hopes to discourage neglect of landmark buildings. East Village Association members Monday gave him feedback on his plan to add teeth to the city's landmark ordinance. In calling the meeting at Happy Village to order, president Michael VanDam said member Rich Anselmo had proposed an EVA committee to monitor and prevent teardowns. In discussing the issue, 2nd Ward staff brought up Hopkins' draft ordinance , now in the city's Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards committee. A damaged Logan Square landmark spurred Hopkins to action. The owner proposed that the structure was beyond saving and should be raz
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