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Vote early! 1st Ward participatory budgeting

A snowplow clears the Polish Triangle at Division and Ashland. A participatory budgeting proposal would explore plaza beautification. Here's your chance to spend $1 million on street work. By Marjorie Isaacson It’s time to vote! No, not in that election, the one for mayor and alderman on Feb. 28. For 1st Ward residents, this is an opportunity to spend $1 million in ward infrastructure money. Participatory budgeting is a resident-led vote to identify and fund projects that are important to the community. Ideas are solicited, then a team of volunteer residents reviews them and develops them into proposals, then residents can choose their preferences. Voting is underway now and closes Feb. 5. The highest voted-on projects listed are what the alder will spend the money on, maybe with some adjusting to stay within the $1 million limit. Whether the projects get done will be subject to many things, but straightforward ones will be done&mdassh;if more votes come in for street r
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