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A tale of 3 East Village demolitions

By Scott A. Rappe   Despite the recession, continued financing difficulties and a glut of condominiums, demolitions continue unabated in East Village. In the span of two weeks, three unique buildings have been lost forever, each for a different reason, all with the same result: a vacant lot that forever breaks the continuity of the past with the present. A story of greed and waste 1546 W. Augusta was a truly striking building: a gorgeous prototypical East Village red-brick two-flat complete with its original cornice, porch and windows. What vintage building owner doesn’t wish theirs still had these original features intact? This lovely building is the latest victim of Ald. Walter Burnett’s methodical spot upzoning of the area east of Ashland Avenue. This portion of East Village was downzoned to R-3 by former Ald. Jesse Granato more than a decade ago. The zoning change helped buildings like this one survive the recent development boom because they offered an important advantage over

The long, secret life of disposables

Eco-Tip by Marjorie Isaacson A simple, but far from easy, rule of environmentally responsible living is to avoid throwaway items and substitute reusable items instead. It's difficult to follow because disposable items are so handy and relatively inexpensive. To put convenience items in perspective, think of their real cost — an analysis know as life-cycle or cradle-to-grave economics. For example, manufacturing processes often cause environmental damage and produce harmful byproducts that we don't pay for directly. The real costs aren't clear. It can be easy to overlook tradeoffs of time and energy in using disposables. Consider disposable plates, glasses and silverware: Is it really easier and less time-consuming to go to the store, select and purchase items, transport them home from the store, and later take them out to the garbage, over and over again? The short-term economic costs of garbage pickup are significant enough, much less the long-term cost of landfill disposa

Board meeting minutes for Aug. 14, 2009

Submitted by Dana Palmer Attendance Board Members: John Scheer, Brodi Cole, Dana Palmer, Stephen Rynkiewicz, Rich Anselmo and Scott Rappe Non-Board Members: Marjorie Isaacson and Brian Thompson August barbecue review: Approximately 120 people came with 10 new memberships acquired that evening earning $200 for EVA. Suggestions for improving next year's barbecue were to have name tags and a possible raffle for those who join that evening. Monthly membership meeting for September will be moved from the first Monday, Labor Day 9/7/09, to second Monday, 9/14/09 at same place and time. Possible speakers for next meeting: New businesses in East Village such as Urban Joe's, Jam, Division Ale House and Green Heart. John Scheer will attempt to speak with new businesses about doing an introduction at membership meetings. Also, Chamber of Commerce or the SSAs for Bucktown/Wicker Park and Chicago Avenue were suggestions for the upcoming membership meeting. Dana Palmer will send an em

Goldblatt's library conversion delayed

By Aaron Bilton The last time that I received an update about the new West Town library, I was informed that the work would begin this summer and that the library would late first quarter 2010. After going by the Goldblatt's building and not seeing any work being done, I decided to call and see what was going on. The latest update is that the city is still going ahead with the conversion at Chicago and Ashland avenues, but the timetable has been pushed back. Construction is expected to start early in 2010 with an opening next summer. The reason I was given for the delay: Originally the city hoped the structure could hold all the books. However, a structural analysis found the building would need reinforcement for bookcases. Now the city is looking at options on the best way to do that, and is hoping to begin construction in January. Confirming that the project is still active, Mayor Daley mentioned the library this weekend as one of the infrastructure projects to be performed

Green Music Fest in Eckhart Park

Art Brut , a European rock band often compared to Franz Ferdinand, headlines the Green Music Fest Saturday in Eckhart Park, 1330 W. Chicago. Sunday main attraction for the two-day event is Memphis alt-country band Lucero . Music extends from noon till 10 p.m. both days. The West Town Chicago Chamber of Commerce, which organizes the West Fest and Do-Division fairs, bills the event as a gathering of "environmentally-conscious bands" booked by the Subterranean nightclub, with an Eco-Friendly Vendor Village. Tickets are $15; $25 for a two-day pass. Children under 12 attend free with adult admission. Discount advance-sale tickets are available via .

St. Boniface restoration on Eckhart Park agenda

Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. will discuss plans to save St. Boniface Church at the Aug. 18 meeting of the Eckhart Park Community Council. Previously, the 27th Ward alderman reported that the Archdiocese of Chicago and the City of Chicago have been negotiating a potential land swap. The city would take possession of the property and identify a developer to restore or adapt the church building at 921 N. Noble. However, the Roman Catholic archdiocese has the necessary permits to demolish the church and remaining buildings. The East Village Association has called for restoration and reuse of the church, which it fought to save in a demolition threat a decade ago. The meeting is 7 p.m. at the Northwestern Settlement House, 1010 N. Noble. Updates are posted at .

2009 EVA summer barbecue photos

View slideshow from 2009 EVA Summer Barbecue Turnout was estimated at more than 100 at the EVA summer barbecue. Thanks to those that joined or renewed their membership (if you did not, renew at Thanks also to sponsors Happy Village, The Boundary Tavern & Grille, Cafe Piccolo and Dominick’s Finer Foods.
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