Goldblatt's library conversion delayed

By Aaron Bilton

The last time that I received an update about the new West Town library, I was informed that the work would begin this summer and that the library would late first quarter 2010. After going by the Goldblatt's building and not seeing any work being done, I decided to call and see what was going on.

The latest update is that the city is still going ahead with the conversion at Chicago and Ashland avenues, but the timetable has been pushed back. Construction is expected to start early in 2010 with an opening next summer. The reason I was given for the delay:

Originally the city hoped the structure could hold all the books. However, a structural analysis found the building would need reinforcement for bookcases. Now the city is looking at options on the best way to do that, and is hoping to begin construction in January.

Confirming that the project is still active, Mayor Daley mentioned the library this weekend as one of the infrastructure projects to be performed by the city in the next year, according to the Sun-Times.
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