Windy City Mini Market vote

Windy City Mini Market, 1756 W. Chicago Ave.

EVA members will take an advisory vote Monday on a change to a Chicago Avenue package goods license, and state Rep. Delia Ramirez will give an update on her work in Springfield.

Windy City Mini Market plans to add hard liquor to its beer and wine sales at 1756 W. Chicago Ave. The convenience store has been selling beer and wine since 2016 under a plan of operation that does not allow sale of any item of less than $5.99.

The 2016 plan negotiated with EVA put a system in place to show that liquor does not exceed 30% of sales, but with no explicit monitoring routine. A signage provision requires unobstructed views into the store.

Dean Margolis, the lawyer for owner Ghasi Ghenimat, spoke to EVA members last month. In a followup letter, he said 7 square feet of floor space would be devoted to "upscale liquor such as Gray Goose, Chivas and Johnny Walker Black." Beer and wine covers much of the east wall of the 1,400-square-foot store.

Monday's vote is advisory to Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd Ward) on whether to recommend any license change.

Rep. Ramirez spoke to EVA members in April about her General Assembly committee assignments on Adoption & Child Welfare, Mental Health, Human Services, Elementary and Secondary Education and Judiciary.

The meeting starts at 7pm at the Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott Ave. Here is the agenda:

  • President's Welcome
  • State Rep. Delia Ramirez
  • Discussion and Vote on Windy City Market
  • EVA Recruitment Postcards
  • PPD Updates
  • Schools/CAPS
  • Open Items

Scooters maneuver toward Chicago review

Bird general manager Robbie Zettler and senior manager Kelley Foxx

Bird picks up 250 of its scooters every night and redistributes them for the morning commute, general manager Robbie Zettler told EVA members Sept. 9. Yet with 10 companies in Chicago's June-to-October scooter trial, it's hard for any of them to commit more resources to clear scooter clutter.

Chicago requires scooter vendors to respond to complaints within two hours, says government partnership manager Kelley Foxx. Bird aims for a 30 minute turnaround, Foxx says. Fielding questions on scooter safety, technology and future plans from the Happy Village patio, Foxx said he expects the city to winnow the field down to a more manageable three companies.

Wells plans high school musical

Wells High School creative arts students will write and produce a musical. Drama, music, dance and art teachers are lined up for the coming school year, principal Michael Stosek told EVA members in a relaxed July meeting in the Happy Village beer garden.

"We are the arts school for the North Side going forward," Stosek said. Wells will have 30 to 60 students in the magnet cluster and is making connections to the Chicago theater community.

Wells also will work with the College Board to focus instruction in key skills through its new pre-Advanced Placement program. Its law and gaming programs will continue, and Stosek isn't ruling out out a future language academy bid.

Auto shop's restaurant remake to be revealed in June 27 Shake-It forum

The former Grace Auto Body at 820 N. Damen would become a restaurant with outdoor seating.

Partners planning the Shake-It restaurant at 820 N. Damen will present details of their venture at 6:30pm June 27 at J&M Tap, 957 N. Leavitt St. Ald. Brian Hopkins will sponsor the forum with EVA and the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association.

The restaurant and bar would feature boozy milkshakes, burgers and pizza. EVA and UVNA have been negotiating a plan of operation that would set security, trash collection and other binding conditions to the restaurant's liquor license.

Forward Hospitality Group chief executive Michael Schwartz, operating chief Bobby Rutter and marketing chief Dante Deiana plan to reveal a chef and fourth partner; "it will be pretty big news," says Deiana, the DJ behind the Chicago Cubs public-address music.

Deiana and attorney Thomas Raines have been negotiating the operating agreement. Cleveland-based Forward shelved plans for the former auto shop after a 2017 hearing, in which outdoor seating drew comparisons to the Big Star taqueria at 1531 N. Damen Ave. Raines gave EVA members an overview of revived plans in March.

Hopkins will take questions or comments before the meeting at

No plastic bags in blue bins! Recycling rights and wrongs

Are you recycling right? Judging from what gets tossed into blue bins, probably not. All recyclables go into the same bin, says Courtney Bryson, Streets and Sanitation assistant deputy superintendent. But not the bag: It gets caught in the sorting conveyor belts.

Food containers need only a light rinse, Bryson says, but leftovers will contaminate the whole bin. Clean cardboard is ready to recycle but food contaminates the whole bin. A greasy pizza box liner should go in the trash. Foam cups and packing (plastics marked with a number 6) are not recyclable in blue bins. Neither is shredded paper, which scatters too easily.

The city eventually may fine homeowners for contaminated blue bins, Bryson said. That was a conversation starter: Many EVA members said neighbors were using their bins. She challenged the audience to take a recycling quiz; she spoke after WBEZ aired its own recycling tips.

Library sponsors summer meals; Happy Village renovations begin

Librarian Migdalia Jimenez is now among EVA visitors photographed against the flocked wallpaper soon to disappear from Happy Village.

Library Events

Working with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, the West Town librarians are planning to serve children lunch during summer break, says librarians Stephanie Flinchbaugh. Volunteers will be needed to serve meals, intended to supplement school-year subsidized lunches.

Children also get free books in a summer learning challenge. The popular Teacher in the Library program is popular with the local Ecuadorian population.

The events calendar on the library's website includes dates for free movie screenings at 1625 W. Chicago Ave., says librarian Migdalia Jimenez says. Roots Pizza, 1924 W. Chicago Ave., hosts a monthly Books & Brews book club.

The librarians have discussed scaffolding at the library entrance with Alderman-elect Daniel La Spata. EVA has been involved in past fundraising, which supported a teen section at the branch.