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Moreno supports moratorium repeal, tax increase

Plans to revive the Club Foot bar have fallen apart, but 1st Ward Ald. Proco Joe Moreno said he would support lifting a tavern license moratorium at the Augusta Boulevard site. "I am very seriously considering lifting all moratoriums in East Village because they are old ways of dealing with protections in our city," he told EVA members Sept. 14. Moreno also said he'd support a $500 million property tax increase to balance the Chicago budget. He noted that his proposal for a city tax on smokeless tobacco would need a new state law, and claimed that tax increment financing has been abused, although he'd keep the 1st Ward's TIF district. Ed Marszewski, Club Foot's prospective new owner, did not attend the meeting. But Moreno said Marszewski couldn't get a lease at 1824 W. Augusta Blvd.
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