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East Village in the Chicago Tribune

Friday's Chicago Tribune gives props to the East Village Association in a profile of East Village that quotes EVA board members Rich Anselmo and Scott Rappe. "It's a lot of work to keep a neighborhood going," Rappe says, referring to the EVA's close association with the aldermanic offices for the 1st and 32nd wards and efforts to achieve national landmark status for the area. Read more at . Rappe also mentioned EVA's efforts in an essay on the Polish Triangle for the Wicker Park blog Our Urban Times. Rappe writes: "Locating single-purpose, automobile-focused business at these locations squanders a scarce resource: transit proximity." Read more in the EVA newsletter and the full essay at .

Where does your food come from?

… not from here, unless you belong to a CSA or shop at a farmer’s market (Harvest Moon Farms in Viroqua, Wis.) Eco-Tip | By Scott Rappe By simply living in East Village, we have all made an implicit gesture toward sustainable living. Living in an established close-in urban neighborhood — well served by public transit, recycling pickups and local businesses — reduces our collective “carbon footprint” to a level significantly smaller than that of a similar sized suburban community. After installing insulation and setback thermostats, and weatherizing our doors and windows, what more can we do? The next logical step is to take a close look at where our food comes from. Food production is incredibly energy intensive, using petroleum derivatives in every step from field to table. Not only are vast quantities of petroleum used to produce fertilizer (who knew?) and power the equipment used to harvest crops, significant quantities are consumed in the processing, refrigeration and transport

East Village Association elects 2010 officers

Update: Members ratified the slate at the March 1 meeting. The new EVA board meets at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 9 in the Happy Village pingpong room. President's Message by John Scheer  It’s that time of year again for the election of East Village Association officers. And that also means it’s time for the EVA membership to step up and exercise their voting rights one more time and vote for the EVA officers for this next year. The process of officer selection is rather simple and the nominating committee (Rich Anselmo, Scott Rappe & Steve Rynkiewicz) will facilitate volunteers onto the roster. This election process is much simpler than other municipal offices and will be just as important to those of us in the East Village. The March 1 meeting is the annual EVA officer election and this year it should prove to be as interesting as any, if for no other reason but for the new members stepping forward to volunteer their time and energy to be part of the East Village. We have two n

Waguespack likely to remain outsider

Ald. Scott Waguespack meets with 32nd Ward residents at the East Village Association meeting in the Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott. With the alderman's seat vacant in his neighboring ward, Ald. Scott Waguespack was asked if he was willing to mentor the next 1st Ward alderman. Waguespack didn't rule it out. But as a frequent critic of Mayor Daley, he suggested it was unlikely he'd be asked for advice on a City Council in which 19 of 50 members will be Daley appointees. The 42nd Ward alderman spent 90 minutes with the East Village Association on Feb. 1 discussing issues common to the two West Town and Logan Square wards: A slowdown in commercial development prompted the alderman to ask EVA to meet with the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association and recommend the type of development he should encourage on their Damen Avenue border. "The market has given us a kind of reprieve in a good way to look at this issue," Waguespack said. A question on storm-water backup
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