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East Village spreads warmth at Boundary holiday party Dec. 2

President's Message By John Scheer   'Tis the season and life goes on in the East Village. The country has a new president-elect and history-making economic events that will affect us for years to come. We have gas for under $2 a gallon (at least outside the city) and the highest unemployment in decades. Travel plans are getting more expensive and retirement plans are evaporating. Businesses are stringing holiday lights earlier than ever, along with the "Sale" signs that used to trail by at least 30 days. It’s a new world, and that calls for embracing traditions with a new view of reality. That’s why I am inviting all EVA members to the annual EVA holiday event at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 2 at The Boundary Tavern & Grille , 1932 W. Division St. A reservation is required. Please respond by Sunday, Nov. 30, to with your commitment to join us in this holiday tradition at a new venue. An EVA menu and reserved seating will be offered. Don’t

Owner seeks zoning support for 1744 Augusta

Property owner Jim Boatman is planning renovations at 1744 W. Augusta that brought him to the East Village Association board Monday. Ald. Manuel Flores asked that EVA review his request for a zoning change. The project involves an apartment that does not fit current zoning code. Since the unit may predate the zoning code itself, the board asked Boatman to research whether it would qualify for an exemption. If keeping the apartment requires a code change, EVA membership likely will be asked for a vote in January. Boatman described the project in an e-mail forwarded to board members Nov. 5 from vice president Greg Nagel, who describes Boatman as a friend: "I recently purchased the building at 1744 W. Augusta in the 1st Ward. I have spent a good deal of time in the East Village area and am interested very much in improving the area and plan to move into 1744 upon the completion of the renovation. The building had been neglected and run down for some time with numerous building violat
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