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Police commander checks in with EVA July 6

President Message by John Scheer  OK! Summer is finally here. The sun has come out and the weather has warmed up. The sidewalk cafes are packed and the street fairs are profitable. Looking around, you would never know the economy is in such bad shape. Maybe this is a sign of good business planning and a popular neighborhood. Whatever the reason, there is also an increase in crime. The most recent Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy report indicates that crimes against people are down but crimes against property are significantly higher. I’m not sure if there is a theory as to why one goes up while another one goes down, but it is a clear message that fighting crime is every ones responsibility. For you own protection, follow the standard recommendations to keep cars, doors and windows locked to prevent easy access. Many crimes are referred to as crimes of opportunity just because something is easily accessible it is an easy target for a crime. Remain aware of who and what is around

Looking for Chicago Avenue hotspots?

Free wireless Internet access is spreading along Chicago Avenue. The ChiFi network blankets the Eckhart Park area between Ashland Avenue and Throop Street. But businesses across Ashland are web hotspots as well, including Alcala's Western Wear at Hermitage and Columbia Furniture at Hoyne. Buildings with small rooftop installations extend the network. The West Town Special Service Area business district plans to add more rooftop gateways across Chicago Avenue from Halsted Street to California Avenue, and eventually along Damen, Milwaukee and Ogden avenues as well. Computer users access one of the network locations, labeled ChiFi 1 to ChiFi 9. They're then directed to a gateway website to for a new password every month, said program manager Matthew Westfallen. Getting access was a simple matter on a spring visit to OnShore Networks , 1407 W. Chicago Ave. OnShore installs web networks in apartment and condo buildings across the city, said the firm's Matthew Lechleider. Busine

Minutes for June 1, 2009 membership meeting

Submitted by Dana Palmer Guest speaker Earlean Collins presented regarding her role with the Cook County Board for District One. Mrs. Collins stated that she served on the Illinois Senate for 21 years before retiring and serving on the Cook County Board. She mentioned that she was raised a Democrat and continues to believe not only in the sharing of responsibilities but also in the sharing of benefits. Mrs. Collins went on to say that the top two responsibilities of the Board are public health and public safety. She expressed that the main challenge of the Board is finding enough revenue to fund the services that need to be provided. She explained that currently there is an increase in the need for services but a decrease in the amount of revenue generated. Therefore, the Board must find ways of retrieving revenue and they are currently doing so through property taxes, fees generated from the court system and sales taxes. However, she went on to explain, that the revenue generate

Collins: Long road to roll back Cook County tax

Cook County's "indescribable" budget challenges forced an unpalatable 1% sales tax increase, Commissioner Earlean Collins told her East Village Association constituents on June 1. The 1st District representative voted "present" to rescind the increase and return the tax to 0.75%, a move that did not survive President Todd Stroger's veto. "I don't have any problem voting present when both sides are wrong," said Collins. At 10.25%, the sales tax paid in Chicago is one of the nation's highest. Collins said federal stimulus money for Cook County Hospital justified no more than a rollback to 10%. Raising property taxes would have been the only alternative. she said. County spending is boxed in by longstanding from state health-care mandates to the Shakman court decrees against political hiring, she said. "They have a structural deficit they ignored for years," Collins said. Courts should relieve the county of its spending requirement
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