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East Village on National Register of Historic Places

Chicago's East Village neighborhood joined the National Register of Historic Places on Dec. 8. Architect Scott Rappe, who chairs the East Village Association's planning, preservation and development committee, tells what that means in the Sun-Times last week and on WLUW (88.7 FM) in an interview scheduled to air at 10 a.m. Thursday. The radio program will be available as a podcast from producer Outside the Loop Radio . A New Year's Eve announcement describes East Village as an "Ethnic (European) Historic Settlement in the city of Chicago (1860-1930)." Its boundaries are Division Street and Chicago, Hermitage and Damen avenues. The City of Chicago created the East Village Landmark District in 2006 . The district is an example of "Chicago working-class neighborhoods developed in the late 1800s and early 1900s," in the city's description . The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency nominated the district to the National Register last year at the city

End of the Flores era: Successes, failures & unfinished business

By Scott A. Rappe The East Village Association has worked diligently with Ald. Manuel Flores over the past six years. A wide variety of issues has faced the 1st Ward before Gov. Pat Quinn in January appointed Flores to chair the Illinois Commerce Commission. Some initiatives have succeeded: establishment of the East Village Landmark District, contentious within EVA through years of downzoning and land-use debates; downzoning of Leona’s restaurant location at 1936 W. Augusta Blvd.; preservation of buildings at 1916-24 W. Chicago Ave., and steering Walgreens away from the Polish Triangle. Some have failed: demolition of two "orange rated" buildings and loss of the historic Com Ed substation on Division Street. And many more remain incomplete: transit oriented development at the Polish Triangle and inclusion of EVA in the sidewalk cafĂ© permit process. On Dec. 15, 2009, prior to Flores' appointment, fellow board member Rich Anselmo and I met with the alderman to di

East Village membership: Renew yours or join our community today

By Steven Crane The East Village Association is a nonprofit organization that provides a forum to discuss local events and concerns. EVA maintains contact with our aldermen, acting as a liaison between the neighborhood and our representatives. Our monthly meetings also include guest speakers. Notable recent guests include our police commander and a group from the Near North Montessori School that plans to develop a community garden right in the heart of our neighborhood. We also plan an annual summer barbecue and an annual holiday dinner, both fun events to relax with your neighbors. Vital to this mission is the involvement of the community. We need your ideas and input to continue making our neighborhood the vibrant place we enjoy. As the new year begins, we’d like to remind our members that it is time to renew your membership. Membership dues are critical to the support of our mission. Annual membership is inexpensive and provides valuable benefits. Membership runs from January

Your questions for Alderman Waguespack

President's Message by John Scheer  Here we are in 2010: Have you gotten use to writing that new number? It may have seemed like any other New Year, but it was a change in decade. And what about that blue moon on New Year’s Eve? The beginning of a new year is also the time to renew your EVA membership. Renewing your membership or signing up as a new member is one of the best ways to get involved in your community and to make a difference. The more neighbors who get involved and participate in the decisions that form the future of our neighborhood, the better the planning and improvements for all of us. Please take a moment and sign-up via the EVA website by using PayPal. or bring your renewal to the Feb. 1 membership meeting. The meeting has scheduled 32nd Ward Ald. Scott Waguespack as the guest speaker. The alderman will provide an update on the state of the ward as well as respond to questions from the audience. If you have a specific topic of interest, please add your questio

Alderman Waguespack meets EVA Feb. 1

Board meeting minutes for Jan. 11, 2010 Submitted by Dana Palmer Attendance: Board Members: John Scheer, Greg Nagel, Dana Palmer, Rich Anselmo, Scott Rappe and Stephen Rynkiewicz Non-Board Members: Marjorie Isaacson John Scheer asked for comments on the annual December holiday dinner. Suggestion was made to give earlier notice next year in hopes of a greater attendance. Miller Lumber Pedestrian Designation: According to Scott Rappe, no involvement needed at this time. Membership Initiative: According to Stephen Rynkiewicz, EVA currently has funds of $412.00 in Paypal account, which can be transferred to the bank account. John Scheer stated that he would request the current membership list from Steve Crane. Greg Nagel agreed to write an article about the benefits of membership with EVA for the newsletter. Greg Nagel also brought up past idea of sign posting to inform East Village residents of the monthly meetings and current news. Rich Anselmo stated he would get quotes for th

60622 post office packages turn up elsewhere

U.S. Postal Service customer-service manager Wanda Prater (left) and station manager Bonita Brown pick up comments from East Village Association members Jan. 4 at the Happy Village. To reach the Wicker Park station, call 312-243-4760; the district office is at 312-983-8400. Minutes for Jan. 4, 2010 Membership Meeting Submitted by Dana Palmer Guest speaker Bonita Brown, station manager of the Wicker Park post office, was present to listen and address concerns of East Village residents. Mrs. Brown stated that the Wicker Park post office has changed locations to two addresses: 1419 W. Carroll for package pick-ups and 1300 N. Ashland for post office boxes and customer service. Concerns were raised by residents of East Village that mail was not being delivered, being delivered to incorrect addresses or being delivered late, and issues were raised about substitute delivery personnel. Mrs. Brown documented concerns and stated that all mail should be delivered between the hours of 10 a.m.

Letterbox edition: Post office at Monday EVA meeting

The U.S. Postal Service is sending Anita Brown, station manager of the new post office at 1300 N. Ashland , to the East Village Association's next meeting Monday, Jan. 4. Brown will deliver a behind-the-scenes look at the move from Division Street to the West Town shopping mall and other mail delivery concerns. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. in the Happy Village , 1059 N. Wolcott.
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