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The Happy Hour Shop

We’re Jess and John Feller, owners of The Happy Hour Shop at 1919 W. Chicago Ave. Our beloved storefront is an extension of our locally-operated business Aged & Infused , an alcohol infusion kit company we've been growing here on the West Side since 2016. If you couldn’t tell, we’re in love with all-things happy hour. It’s our passion. And in addition to selling a beautifully curated selection of glassware, barware, and cocktail supplies in the shop, we're interested in hosting private educational cocktail classes for the community. To do this, we’re seeking the neighborhood’s support in lifting the liquor moratorium on the 1900 block of Chicago Avenue. We are so excited to put our roots down in West Town and are grateful for your consideration and support. Business Plan: The Happy Hour Shop, an extension of West Town-based Aged & Infused, is a retail storefront specializing in new and vintage glassware, barware, cocktail supplies and all-things home bar. In addit

Passages Wine and Books

Passages Wine and Books is pursuing an incidental liquor license and is requesting a letter of support from the East Village Association to lift the current moratorium for Consumption on Premises liquor licenses. Our Company: Passages Wine and Books is an LLC formed in March 2023, under sole ownership of Amanda Sadowski. The main concept of Passages Wine and Books is bringing people a space that allows for exploration of their hobby or passion. Passages is a bookstore that includes a cafe component for wine, non alcoholic drinks, pour over coffee, and a collection of tea. Passages believes that reading, learning about wine, or having a cup of tea can broaden one’s mind, expand knowledge, or provide a moment of relaxation. These activities can be done independently, but also can have a shared component. We will welcome those who choose Passages as a place to independently study, work, or take a moment for themselves to enjoy a cafe item. We also hope to be a host for literary or tas
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