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What is EVA's Damen Avenue zoning vision?

Damen Avenue is under zoning review north of Chicago Aveneue. East Village Association membership meeting Jan. 10. 2024 at Roots West Town, 1924 W. Chicago Ave., Neal McKnight presiding Damen Avenue's strip-mall zoning does not reflect the apartments and small shops on East Village's western border. How can EVA support a new vision? EVA's January meeting continued a discussion of Damen Avenue zoning. Ald. Gilbert Villegas (36th) has encouraged a proactive zoning review for the former 2nd Ward stretch. A 2019 plan fizzled for a tavern at at 820 N. Damen Ave. surrounded by apartments. Renovation of the former Grace Auto Body stopped at least six months ago. EVA board member Neal McKnight suggested downzoning Damen from Chicago to Division while extending the current Ukrainian Village and East Village landmark districts. Both commercial and residential zoning for Damen had advocates in the January member disucssion. McKnight summarized November's zoning discussion
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