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New owners prepare St. Boniface plans

Builder Michael Skoulsky talks to EVA members at Happy Village. An Oct. 15 block party will celebrate St. Boniface church being saved from demolition. East Village Association minutes for Oct. 12, 2016, by Daniel Navarro Call to order 7:09pm. President’s Welcome Discussion with Sheila Cosgrove, Manager of Mariano’s on Chicago Avenue Knows lots of people who are unhappy, trying to it, bringing up some of the major concerns . Has been there for 5 months, has switched out employees and managers. One the verge of engagement survey, moving in the correct direction.

St. Boniface saved! Block party Oct. 15

Please join us Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016 for the celebration of saving St. Boniface Church: Noon till evening with free beer, food trucks and live music at 905 N. Noble St. in Chicago.

Mariano's smallest grocery has big plans

Mariano's has set about improving its Ukrainian Village store under the grocery chain's new management. "I know a lot of people are unhappy with the store," store director Shiela Cosgrove told East Village Association members Monday. "It is getting better." Cosgrove has run the location at 2021 W. Chicago Ave. for five months. She has put five new managers in place, improving produce and other departments. The store has 260 employees. "It's been a huge transition," she added. The former Dominick's site is the chain's smallest. Its high traffic demands more frequent cleanup, and there's less shelf space and back-room storage. "When I run out of cornstarch," she said, "I'm out of cornstarch." She admits she's made home deliveries of out-of-stock items. New owner Kroger Co. plans to rebuild former Dominick's locations. While plans have not been drafted for a Chicago Avenue renovation, Cosgrov
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