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Chicago to roll out food waste bins

New York City's food waste collection containers feature a catch to deter rats. By Marjie Isaacson Chicago residents soon may have a drop-off option for responsibly disposing of food waste, provided free by the city’s Department of Street and Sanitation. Food waste sites throughout the city will be a welcome development. Chicago has long been lagging behind many metropolitan areas in addressing the food waste problem. When organic materials are sent to the landfill, they emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is more than 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Avoiding this result is an important strategy in mitigating the effects of climate change. In addition, Streets and San is restarting the distribution of backyard compost bins. Composting at home is the most environmentally friendly way of managing organic wastes, but not everyone has the space or desire to do so. Chicago's food waste collection will start this August or soon

CTA hires to boost on-time performance

The CTA plans to upgrade all rail stations with an elevator by 2040. East Village Association membership meeting June 5, 2023, at Roots Pizza, 1924 W. Chicago Ave. Presiding: Bob Zwolinski, vice president By Jenifer Goldsmith A hiring blitz is underway at CTA. Officials presented updates on transit June 5, and EVA members learned about the offerings at the new Empanada Mama. Pre-pandemic, ridership was steady with busier times during rush hour, According to Sam Smith, CTA vice president of legislative affairs, and Maria-Teresa Román, government and community relations officer. But Covid-19 hit the agency hard as ridership decreased and has since become unpredictable. Leadership focused on doing their best to maintain service during the pandemic, but it was negatively impacted by high turnover and staff shortages. In the past, new CTA employees started part-time and advanced to full-time employment; however, in an effort to dramatically increase staff, full-time employment is av
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