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Alderman Flores rejects zoning for dry cleaner

EVA treasurer Brodi Cole accompanied Ald. Manny Flores (1st Ward) on a tour of a Lake View dry-cleaning plant March 14 after members declined to support a zoning change to open a similar plant on Chicago Avenue. The alderman's office issued this statement on March 30: I am writing to give you an update regarding the proposed zoning change at 1916 W. Chicago Avenue. As you may recall, the CD One Price Cleaners company was interested in renting out the commercial space at the above address to open a dry cleaning pick-up site with an on-premise dry cleaning plant. This necessitated a change in the zoning from B3-2 to a C1-2 to allow for an on-premise dry cleaning plant with more than 2 employees. Before making a final decision on the proposal, I and a few neighbors visited an existing CD One Price Cleaners facility to view the dry cleaning operations. The store was well-lit, well-kept and was a generally well-run operation. However, when I asked employees about the safety and c

Landmark tax breaks at April EVA meeting

Landmarking a building or neighborhood is said to have many values. But some you can take to the bank. Have you ever talked to someone who is saving thousands of dollars every year on their taxes by investing in renovating a landmark building? Dan Nehm, a long term East Village resident, will share his experience in doing just that at the April meeting of the East Village Association on Monday (not Tuesday) April 6. Nehm's renovation was already under way when the city's Ukrainian Village landmark district was created. He proceeded with his renovation plans and learned the rules for applying for a freeze of his real estate taxes. Join us to hear how easy the process is, and the savings he has received. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the Happy Village , 1059 N. Wolcott. Also on the agenda: an update on plans to move the Wicker Park post office .

Flutes at Piccolo? Bar, appetizers on menu

By Phil McFarland, Piccolo 859 N. Damen, Chicago 60622, 773-772-3355 Piccolo plans to expand the menu during summer 2009. To do this, we'll be applying for an incidental liquor license for the cafe as allowed by right with the B3-2 zoning of the business district we're in on Damen from Iowa to Augusta. We would offer primarily beer and wine as that best fits the menu that we offer but would of course have spirits available for those that wanted them. The beer list to date is envisioned to include 10-15 bottle placements including lagers such as Peroni, Belgian farmhouse-style ales and other quality craft brews that have proven popular at SmallBar. It is also our plan to offer a variety of wines available by the glass and some by the bottle. This will include champagne and other sparkling options. As of yet we have not determined the size of the list we feel is appropriate. We intend to create a small list of custom cocktails such as a refreshing, lime sorbet mixed with club sod

CD One Price Cleaners pressed in plant tour

1916 W. Chicago Ave. By Brodi Cole A tour of the CD One Price Cleaners facility on 2955 N. Ashland was arranged March 14 by Ald. Manny Flores. (1st Ward). The location is described to be similar to the proposed location that owner Mike Coreao wants to open at 1916 W. Chicago Ave., at Winchester. During this tour, there were opportunities to see the plant and discuss concerns with both the alderman and owner. When Coreao spoke at an East Village Association meeting in January, attendees at the meeting expressed a number of concerns, especially regarding traffic and environmental issues. Regarding traffic (including the adjacent alley), Coreao did mention that traffic would increase, but mostly from customers since locations only average one delivery per week. Because the delivery trucks are typically about the size of a UPS truck, there should be minimal issues getting them into the alley for delivery. At the Ashland location, the delivery trucks just unload in the street. Coreao did

Block out Do Division, West Fest weekends

President Message by John Scheer  The East VIllage Association has a new set of officers . I want to extend a wholehearted thank-you to officers who have helped support the EVA group during this past year: Thank you to Brian Thompson for his support as treasurer and other roles in prior years. And thanks to Joe Hunnewinkel for his support as secretary. We look forward to both of you continuing your involvement in EVA. Thank you to Greg Nage rleturning as vice president, and to the other board members for their continued contribution. Spring is in the air. We have moved to daylight savings time, the weather has warmed and the sidewalk cafes are open for the season. Neighborhood activity is picking up as everyone emerges from their winter seclusion. Now is also the time for everyone to renew their safety programs. There has been an increase in the number or reported break-ins and robberies. Please be careful. The summer festivals are getting scheduled too. Do Division (May 30-31) and W

Being green will produce more $$green$$

By Greg Nagel Sometimes we have to choose between doing the right thing for the environment and our pocketbook. But thanks to President Obama's stimulus plan, we can have our cake and eat it too. In basic terms, the American Investment and Recovery Act of 2009 calls for a 30% tax credit up to $1,500 per primary home, starting in tax year 2009, for energy efficient furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters installed in 2009 and 2010. The credit is based on total installed cost, so a $5,000 install would max out the $1,500 credit. The law extends some previously available tax credits. Find details from the American Institute of Architects on what you can claim on taxes this year. The federal Energy Star site goes into more detail on what products qualify. Less common equipment can qualify, like electric and geothermal heat pumps, natural hot gas boilers, and circulation fans. Required specs are in this summary developed by the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning i

Board meeting minutes for March 9, 2009

Submitted by Dana Palmer Attendance Board Members: John Scheer, Greg Nagel, Brodi Cole, Dana Palmer, Rich Anselmo, Scott Rappe and Stephen Rynkiewicz Non-Board Members: Marjorie Isaacson, Joe Hunnewinkel and Brian Thompson Brodi Cole and Dana Palmer made the transition to official Board members as treasurer and secretary. John Scheer declared that the change was made to the bylaws eliminating absentee/proxy voting. Stephen Rynkiewicz stated bylaw update has been added to EVA website. John Scheer requested a possible change of the monthly membership meetings from the first Tuesday of the month to the first Monday of the month on a temporary basis. Stephen Rynkiewicz informed the Board of updates to the website that included the bylaw change. He also discussed a letter that was received from Jacob Wheeler, a fellow neighbor and journalist asking EVA about their thoughts on a new newspaper for the neighborhood due to the discontinuation of the East Village Chicago Journal. Greg

Library to open at Chicago-Ashland Goldblatt's early in 2010

By Aaron Bilton   Library Commissioner Mary Dempsey expects the city Department of Consumer Services to vacate space in the Goldblatt's building at Chicago and Ashland by mid- to late April. At that point the Chicago Public Library, along with the Department of General Services, will be able to get to work remodeling the new library branch there. Money for the project has been budgeted and it appears everything is lined up to go forward. Dempsey expects the new library to open sometime in the first quarter of 2010.

Reservations about Chicago-Winchester restaurant

Parking can be a challenge even picking up a pizza on Chicago Avenue. So residents near Chicago and Winchester were skeptical about plans for a restaurant at that seats 364. Developer Bill Loumbardias on April 3 submitted details on his restaurant proposal for at 1924 W. Chicago to the East Village Association’s planning committee. At the March 2 general meeting, members peppered Loumbardias with questions about the 5,500-square-foot dining hall and kitchen, and he has asked for another appearance to address their concerns. It would be the first restaurant for Loumbardias, who sells high-end used cars at Lakeshore Motorcars but is from a family involved with the Giordano's and Boston Blackie's chains. "The neighbors' fear is that after 9 at night you're going to turn into a cacophony of sound," said David J. Stumm Sr., a volunteer coordinator for the police beat there. While Loumbardias emphasized that the restaurant would not be a nightclub, he plans fundr

How would you remake the Polish Triangle?

Planners will hold a weekend open house to gather great thoughts on improvements at Ashland, Division and Milwaukee. They'll set up shop Saturday and Sunday, March 21 and 22, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at a vacant storefront near 1275 N. Milwaukee (just south of the Radio Shack). The open house will feature hands-on exhibits and activities to get people thinking about what would make the Polish Triangle a more appealing destination. To take the online survey described in the EVA newsletter, click here . For more Polish Triangle news from the East Village Association, click here .
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