Flutes at Piccolo? Bar, appetizers on menu

By Phil McFarland, Piccolo

859 N. Damen, Chicago 60622, 773-772-3355

Piccolo plans to expand the menu during summer 2009. To do this, we'll be applying for an incidental liquor license for the cafe as allowed by right with the B3-2 zoning of the business district we're in on Damen from Iowa to Augusta.

We would offer primarily beer and wine as that best fits the menu that we offer but would of course have spirits available for those that wanted them.

The beer list to date is envisioned to include 10-15 bottle placements including lagers such as Peroni, Belgian farmhouse-style ales and other quality craft brews that have proven popular at SmallBar.

It is also our plan to offer a variety of wines available by the glass and some by the bottle. This will include champagne and other sparkling options. As of yet we have not determined the size of the list we feel is appropriate.

We intend to create a small list of custom cocktails such as a refreshing, lime sorbet mixed with club soda and vodka. Or a flute of champagne mixed with a raspberry sorbet. This list is still in the works but will focus on interactions with our sorbet and other existing items.

To compliment these new offerings, we will be creating more plates that can be enjoyed by a group over a glass of wine. This may include olive plates, antipasti platters with fresh cheeses and cured meats and other items along those lines.

Finally, we will also be adding a high-top seating section to accommodate 10-12 people. This will be in the back of the room for those that want a more casual, lounge atmosphere while dining with us in the evening.

We hope that our continued honest and open operation and our community involvement with the local chambers of commerce, schools, park groups and local events will help local residents feel confident in their support of our incidental liquor license application.
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