Board meeting minutes for March 9, 2009

Submitted by Dana Palmer


Board Members: John Scheer, Greg Nagel, Brodi Cole, Dana Palmer, Rich Anselmo, Scott Rappe and Stephen Rynkiewicz

Non-Board Members: Marjorie
Isaacson, Joe Hunnewinkel and Brian Thompson

  1. Brodi Cole and Dana Palmer made the transition to official Board members as treasurer and secretary.

  2. John Scheer declared that the change was made to the bylaws eliminating absentee/proxy voting. Stephen Rynkiewicz stated bylaw update has been added to EVA website.

  3. John Scheer requested a possible change of the monthly membership meetings from the first Tuesday of the month to the first Monday of the month on a temporary basis.

  4. Stephen Rynkiewicz informed the Board of updates to the website that included the bylaw change. He also discussed a letter that was received from Jacob Wheeler, a fellow neighbor and journalist asking EVA about their thoughts on a new newspaper for the neighborhood due to the discontinuation of the East Village Chicago Journal.

  5. Greg Nagel agreed to make contact with local businesses regarding their interest in becoming EVA members and purchasing advertising space. He also expressed ideas about recruiting new EVA members such as everyone bring a neighbor to a meeting.

  6. Suggestions for April membership meeting included possible permit review for 4842 Wolcott, potential urban gardening speakers and Dan Nehm regarding Real Estate tax freeze with landmark renovations. Greg Nagel also agreed to make a final effort to have post master for Wicker Park Station come to EVA meeting.

  7. EVA received a thank you letter from Sister Ann Schaffer regarding donation to Koska Soup Kitchen at St. Stanislaus.

  8. Brian Thompson reported that a transfer of funds was made from the paypal account.

  9. Scott Rappe relayed that ST. Boneface demolition permit was granted.

  10. Rich Anselmo reported on his visit with Alderman Waguespack regarding the possible liquor moratorium lift.

  11. Meeting adjourned.

Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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