The Happy Hour Shop

We’re Jess and John Feller, owners of The Happy Hour Shop at 1919 W. Chicago Ave. Our beloved storefront is an extension of our locally-operated business Aged & Infused, an alcohol infusion kit company we've been growing here on the West Side since 2016.

If you couldn’t tell, we’re in love with all-things happy hour. It’s our passion. And in addition to selling a beautifully curated selection of glassware, barware, and cocktail supplies in the shop, we're interested in hosting private educational cocktail classes for the community. To do this, we’re seeking the neighborhood’s support in lifting the liquor moratorium on the 1900 block of Chicago Avenue.

We are so excited to put our roots down in West Town and are grateful for your consideration and support.

The Happy Hour Shop

Business Plan: The Happy Hour Shop, an extension of West Town-based Aged & Infused, is a retail storefront specializing in new and vintage glassware, barware, cocktail supplies and all-things home bar. In addition to retail operations, the store will also host occasional educational cocktail-making classes to engage with the community, draw business to the West Town neighborhood and enhance the customer experience.

Mission: Our mission is to help folks create more beautiful moments come happy hour by providing them with a curated selection of glassware, barware, locally-sourced home goods and educational cocktail-making classes.

Products and Services:
  • Barware: A selection of cocktail tools for the home bar
  • Glassware: New and vintage glassware
  • Cocktail Supplies: High-quality bitters, garnishes, and mixers
  • Home Goods: New and vintage decor for home bars
  • Educational Classes: Hands-on cocktail-making classes for the community
Target Market:
  • Bar enthusiasts
  • Individuals looking for unique gifts
  • Local businesses and bars in need of supplies

Request: We are requesting for the liquor moratorium on the 1900 block of Chicago Ave. to be lifted so our small business can apply for a Consumption on Premises-Incidental Activity License. We are seeking a liquor license to host occasional educational cocktail classes in our retail storefront.

Location and Zoning: The Happy Hour Shop is located on the ground floor of 1919 W Chicago Ave. and the current zone district is B3-2.

Benefits: We are passionate about contributing positively to the West Town community and believe there are a number of benefits our small business can provide including:

  • Driving Traffic to West Town: The Happy Hour Shop is a first-of-its kind storefront on the West Side and we’re confident that our loyal customers will show up to support our new concept. By driving traffic to 1919 W. Chicago, the shop will ideally drive business to nearby stores, restaurants and bars, thus boosting the local economy.
  • Community Events and Collaboration: Opening our doors for educational cocktail classes will foster community and connection amongst participants and encourage collaboration with other businesses and organizations in West Town.
  • Promoting Responsible Drinking: Through educational classes, the shop encourages moderation and responsible alcohol consumption within the community.
  • Enhancing the Neighborhood: The presence of The Happy Hour Shop adds vibrancy and diversity to the local retail landscape, attracting visitors and residents alike and contributing to the overall appeal and livability of West Town.
  • February 2024: Build Out
  • March 2024: Happy Hour Shop Opens (retail only)
  • March - June 2024: Moratorium is lifted and Consumption on Premise licensing process commences
  • June 2024: Happy Hour Shop begins offering educational cocktail-making classes

Thank you for your consideration!

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