New owners prepare St. Boniface plans

Builder Michael Skoulsky talks to EVA members at Happy Village. An Oct. 15 block party will celebrate St. Boniface church being saved from demolition.

East Village Association minutes for Oct. 12, 2016, by Daniel Navarro

Call to order 7:09pm.

President’s Welcome

Discussion with Sheila Cosgrove, Manager of Mariano’s on Chicago Avenue

Knows lots of people who are unhappy, trying to it, bringing up some of the major concerns. Has been there for 5 months, has switched out employees and managers. One the verge of engagement survey, moving in the correct direction.

St. Boniface saved! Block party Oct. 15

Please join us Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016 for the celebration of saving St. Boniface Church: Noon till evening with free beer, food trucks and live music at 905 N. Noble St. in Chicago.

Mariano's smallest grocery has big plans

Mariano's has set about improving its Ukrainian Village store under the grocery chain's new management.

"I know a lot of people are unhappy with the store," store director Shiela Cosgrove told East Village Association members Monday. "It is getting better." Cosgrove has run the location at 2021 W. Chicago Ave. for five months. She has put five new managers in place, improving produce and other departments. The store has 260 employees.

"It's been a huge transition," she added. The former Dominick's site is the chain's smallest. Its high traffic demands more frequent cleanup, and there's less shelf space and back-room storage. "When I run out of cornstarch," she said, "I'm out of cornstarch." She admits she's made home deliveries of out-of-stock items.

New owner Kroger Co. plans to rebuild former Dominick's locations. While plans have not been drafted for a Chicago Avenue renovation, Cosgrove hopes to keep the street-level space open and add rooftop space. She hopes to add organic products and install a bar. Despite its size, the location is the local chain's top liquor seller.

Club Foot apartments proposed

Architect John Nelson plans a street-level setback for the former Club Foot space.

East Village Association board minutes for Sept. 19, 2016, by Daniel Navarro

1824 W. Augusta Blvd.
Owner of former Club Foot space asks for zoning change from R-4 to R-5 to use the first floor for two units. Orange-rated building, significant but not historic. Brian Foote had some issues regarding the fa├žade and the gate in the back. Next steps: a Planning, Preservation & Development committee recommendation, then a vote from the board.

Happy Village
No updates on Wolcott liquor moratorium lift since Sept. 12 meeting. Next steps: Wait for sale discussions at 1059 N. Wolcott Ave. and invite operator to meet with us when ready.

St. Boniface
Owner has till Sept. 23 to sell or church at 1358 W. Chestnut St. will be knocked down. Final court hearing Sept. 28.

PP&D Updates
Red Apple Convenience, 2000 W. Damen, is seeking another liquor license; should respond per Neal McKnight. Crime issue has not been resolved since licence rejection was upheld on appeal. Owners and store concept have not changed. Review scheduled for next Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association meeting.

CAPS update
Nothing to report; should perhaps ask Kim Shepherd for email updates.

New Business
Promote West Town Art Fest.

Alderman proposes steps in Happy Village handoff

Ald. Brian Hopkins talks with EVA leaders Neal McKnight and Dan Johnson.

East Village Association minutes for Sept. 12, 2016, by Daniel Navarro

Community meeting call to order 7:05pm.

Happy Village proposed transition plan

Ald. Brian Hopkins introduced ordinance to lift liquor moratorium to facilitate sale of Happy Village. "I have no problems with this as long as Happy Village stays Happy Village. "Have been largely a responsible bar in the village." "New owner would have to keep what it is intact." Will request to put a plan of operation in writing. Not willing to do so unless the transaction can take place, and this community meeting has been called to do so.

Happy Village 2nd Ward community meeting

Jon Donnelly, co-owner and managing partner of Lucky's Sandwiches, speaks on discussions to purchase the Happy Village tavern and beer garden at 1059 N. Wolcott Ave.

Jon Donnelly circulated this statement to East Village Association members at its Sept. 12 meeting.

We respectfully are reaching out to you in regards to the sale of the Happy Village, a business located at 1059 N. Wolcott. The Happy Village has been operating for over 50 years and the owner, Cherlyl Pilch, and ourselves have come to an agreement in principal to purchase the property and business. Ms. Pilch is prepared to retire and this sale will ensure she can do so in comfort.

When our attorney initially went to Business Affairs to apply for a change of officer on the license, the city told him there was a moratorium on Wolcott between Division and Augusta, which is where the Happy Village stands. We are asking for your help in lifting the moratium so that we can carry on The Happy Village's tradition and so that Cherlyn Pilch may retire comfortably. Any help in lifting this moratorium would be very much appreciated as we could complete this transaction as soon as it was lifted.