Poll tracks Polish Triangle from many angles

A 10-page online survey asks neighbors how they would change the Division-Ashland-Milwaukee intersection's uses and aesthetics.

The canvass starts with rating the Polish Triangle's lighting, safety and comfort, followed by open-ended questions about the triangle's pluses and minuses.

Participants make choices on landscaping and other decorations, kiosks and space for fairs or other events, CTA access, traffic lanes and surrounding stores.

Finally, the poll links to a Facebook-style comment wall where readers register to post messages, photos and videos.

The survey is part of a renovation initiative in early stages. A mid-March open house will solicit more comments, said Karin Sommer, project manager for the Metropolitan Planning Council, which drafted the survey.

East Village Association planning chair Scott Rappe is on the steering committee for what he calls a "brainstorming" effort to improve the streetscape.

The Wicker Park & Bucktown Special Service Area, which funds sidewalk improvements in the business district, plans to solicit ideas from a kiosk or perhaps even a storefront. Everything's on the table, even closing streets or adding CTA entrances underground.

Residents will be encouraged to "throw out ideas" on what to do at the Division-Ashland-Milwaukee intersection, Rappe told people attending the February EVA meeting. Organizations involved with the area still need to work out details — not just financing but points as basic as who owns the land on around the Nelson Algren Fountain.
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