January 2009 landmarks conditions for East Village & Ukrainian Village

The following permitted work has been reviewed and approved by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, during January 2009. For a comprehensive list of approved work, by address, please go to: news.eastvillagechicago.org/search/label/Landmarks

East Village District

1030 N. Winchester
Exterior only: Replace 19 windows and 1 door. All work same as 1/22/2009 existing. All window replacement to be located on rear building. No window replacement to front building. No other work permitted with this approval

Ukrainian Village District

847 N. Oakley
Exterior: Replace 2 existing enclosed porches with 2 open wood 1/7/2009 porches as per Landmarks stamped drawings dated 01/07/08. No work permitted to any street facing facades, windows, or roofline with this approval.

1101 N. Damen
Exterior: Rooftop solar panels serving one unit only, and remove 1/15/2009 and replace siding only on existing penthouse as per Landmarks stamped plans dated 1/15/09. Plumbing work associated with solar panels per previously approved permit #100250649. No increase in size or height of penthouse. Mechanical Electrical only: Low voltage wiring. 1/28/2009 1/27/2009

2036 W. Haddon
Mechanical Electrical: 200 amp service. No other work permitted with this 1/26/2009 approval. 1/28/2009

2035 W. Walton
Interior work only: removal of interior non-load bearing partitions 1/27/2009 within existing 2-unit - deconvert to sfr as per Landmark stamped plans dated 01/27/09.
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