Aug. 3 barbecue: This grilling bring comfort

President Message by John Scheer 

August is the East Village Association annual tradition for the summer barbecue. This year, comfort comes from burgers provided by EVA members from The Boundary, side dishes from you and your neighbors — bring one of your favorites to share — and some gelato from Cafe Piccolo.

The barbecue is open to all neighbors and is one of the annual events designed to encourage new EVA memberships. In addition to an evening of good food and neighbors, new members who join at the barbecue will receive a membership through 2010.

Everyone is encouraged to reach out to neighbors who are not currently EVA members and extend a personal invitation to join us Aug. 3 at the Happy Village. Special invites have been extended to our aldermen to join their constituents for an evening of food and fun.

The EVA board has been working on other entertainment for the evening. So come join the tradition and join EVA.

East Village Association
Summer Barbecue

This is a personal invitation to the
annual East Village Association (EVA)
Summer Barbecue

Monday August 3, 2009, 7:00pm
Happy Village Tavern
1059 N. Wolcott
(Wolcott and Thomas)

Please feel free to bring your neighbors and your favorite side dish or dessert.

Main food dish provided by EVA and our sponsors.

Become a member and qualify for an extended membership term!

Please RSVP with your number of guests and your side dish to:


East Village Association
Summer Barbecue

The annual tradition continues!

Come meet old friends and neighbors.
Meet your new neighbors.

Support your local businesses that are contributing to this year’s barbecue:
Happy Village
The Boundary Tavern & Grille
Cafe Piccolo
Dominick’s Finer Foods

Division Street mends fences

By Marjorie Isaacson

The fences enclosing the Division Street tree pits will be getting a new coat of paint, thanks to funding from the Wicker Park/Bucktown Special Services Area.

The SSA authorized $10,000 for this work at the July 14 commissioners meeting. These fences, essential for protecting the street trees from sidewalk traffic, have become rusty in the years since their installation in 1997.

Public beverage-recycling containers will be installed soon, another long-anticipated project.

Wicker Park/Bucktown SSA #33 is a tax-supported group that promotes business-district improvements. It has open monthly commission meetings, and committee meetings throughout the month where much of the work is accomplished. Committees are:
  • Clean, Green & Safe
  • Promote Wicker Park-Bucktown
  • Promote the Arts
  • Transportation: Bikes
  • Transportation: Pedestrians & Passengers
  • Guide Development

Crime focus shifts to East Village thefts

After 15 months as East Village's police commander, Judith Martin says she was "naive" about the rigors of the job when she was introduced to East Village Association members in June 2008. But she appeared no less frank in a return question-and-answer session.

Minutes for July 6, 2009 Membership Meeting
Submitted by Dana Palmer

  1. Guest Speaker was Commander Judy Martin with the 13th District Chicago Police Department. Commander Martin presented a brief update on crime in the East Village neighborhood and the 13th District.

    Commander Martin stated that for the most part, crime is down about 11-12% since June 2008 and that homicides are less than 200 for the year to date, which has not been the case since about 1965. She mentioned that the East Village neighborhood and the 13th District predominantly suffer from property crimes and have several “frequent fliers” in the area who continue to be caught and then re-offend.

    Commander Martin presented a Community Alert handout regarding an armed robbery and mentioned a CPD sponsored “Safe and Sound” program that presents information about why someone may become a victim. A handout provided key safety tips.

    Auto theft is related to the higher number of people coming into the area for entertainment. CPD is using a parked car as bait for thieves. Commander Martin explained that when someone tries to break into and steal the bait car the doors lock and it won't start, leaving the person locked inside until police arrive.

    Other crime-fighting tactics include a footman that walks the streets from Ashland to Webster in the afternoons, a bike team and the use of all-terrain vehicles. CPD has its own site similar to Twitter but more secure called Nixle, where people can receive up-to-date information from CPD.

    Commander Martin also informed EVA group about a new ordinance regarding what she called “dooring.” When a biker is hit by someone opening their car door, it is now illegal and that person who opened the car door can be issued a citation.

    When asked about budget cuts, Commander Martin stated that she has yet to lose any officers other than 7 crossing guards. She mentioned that she is, however, taking 12-15 unpaid furlough days.

    When asked about outdoor patios and beer gardens in the area, Commander Martin stated that they are allowed to be open until 11 p.m. on weekdays and until 12 a.m. on weekends. However, no music is permitted. A handout was also provided regarding that issue.

  2. Aug. 3 is the annual EVA BBQ. John Scheer stated that EVA has Dominick's gift cards to help out with food and supplies but that The Boundary will be providing the burgers and cooks for the BBQ. Also, Piccolo will be providing gelato for the event.

  3. Scott Rappe with Planning, Preservation and Development presented four buildings that are up for possible demolition or zoning appeal:
    • 1041 W. Damen Ave. which is a special use building with 6 units went to the zone of appeals to estabalish a dwelling unit below the first floor. EVA was not notified of this variance.
    • 1726 Augusta is already under demolition.
    • 1546 W. Augusta is currently up for demolition but has no permit left. Mr. Rappe is asking that emails be sent to alderman Burnett in opposition of demolition.
    • 920 N. Winchester (pictured) is being rushed into demolition by Alderman Waguespack due to other neighbor concerns with the look of the building, primarily the coach house. However, Mr. Rappe and other EVA members felt strongly that there are better solutions to the problem versus having the building torn down. Again, requests for emails to be sent to the alderman asking for alternatives to the demolition.

  4. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes for July 13, 2009 board meeting

Submitted by Dana Palmer

Board Members: Greg Nagel, Brodi Cole, Dana Palmer, Rich Anselmo, Scott Rappe, Steve Crane and Stephen Rynkiewicz
Non-Board Members: Marjorie Isaacson and Joe Hunnewinkel

  1. August barbecue: The EVA annual barbecue is set for August 3, 2009. The Boundary will provide burgers and buns as well as staff for cooking. The barbecue will be held at the Happy Village at 7 p.m. Joe Hunnewinkel is currently working on the invitations that will be printed off at Piccolo. Joe agreed to confirm with Phil at Piccolo regarding Phil's contribution of ice cream for the barbecue. He will also finalize the artwork on the invitation including an RSVP to the EVA website. Joe also agreed to help arrange a list of groceries that will be needed.

    Greg Nagel agreed to reconfirm with the Happy Village regarding reservation of the outdoor space for the barbecue. He also agreed to coordinate distribution of the invites and confirm with Dominick's about their sponsorship.

    Rich Anselmo stated that he would invite the aldermen to the event and ask them to include the event on their regular e-mail list. Brodi Cole will look for the Dominick's gift cards that EVA already has. She and Steve Crane will provide a bag toss game for the event. Steve Crane agreed to speak with the non-members of EVA at the barbecue regarding becoming members.

    Dana Palmer will assist both Greg Nagel with the distribution of the invites but also Joe Hunnewinkel with shopping for groceries that are needed. She will also prepare a premade list of EVA members with their names and contact information to ease the sign-in process at the event. All present agreed to meet one hour prior to the barbecue to help with set-up.

  2. No membership meeting will be held in August. The barbecue will count as that month's meeting.

  3. In regards to membership, Stephen Rynkiewicz will invite Steve Crane to wiki so that he can view the updated membership list.

  4. Scott Rappe informed the group that 1142 N. Wolcott is up for possible demolition. He also brought up 1041 N. Damen that is currently up for a special use zone change. He stated that he would draft a letter to the alderman requesting changing the B3-2 zoneing to a RM4.5 and will discuss it further with the group next meeting.
  5. Meeting adjourned.