Division Street mends fences

By Marjorie Isaacson

The fences enclosing the Division Street tree pits will be getting a new coat of paint, thanks to funding from the Wicker Park/Bucktown Special Services Area.

The SSA authorized $10,000 for this work at the July 14 commissioners meeting. These fences, essential for protecting the street trees from sidewalk traffic, have become rusty in the years since their installation in 1997.

Public beverage-recycling containers will be installed soon, another long-anticipated project.

Wicker Park/Bucktown SSA #33 is a tax-supported group that promotes business-district improvements. It has open monthly commission meetings, and committee meetings throughout the month where much of the work is accomplished. Committees are:
  • Clean, Green & Safe
  • Promote Wicker Park-Bucktown
  • Promote the Arts
  • Transportation: Bikes
  • Transportation: Pedestrians & Passengers
  • Guide Development
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