Minutes for July 13, 2009 board meeting

Submitted by Dana Palmer

Board Members: Greg Nagel, Brodi Cole, Dana Palmer, Rich Anselmo, Scott Rappe, Steve Crane and Stephen Rynkiewicz
Non-Board Members: Marjorie Isaacson and Joe Hunnewinkel

  1. August barbecue: The EVA annual barbecue is set for August 3, 2009. The Boundary will provide burgers and buns as well as staff for cooking. The barbecue will be held at the Happy Village at 7 p.m. Joe Hunnewinkel is currently working on the invitations that will be printed off at Piccolo. Joe agreed to confirm with Phil at Piccolo regarding Phil's contribution of ice cream for the barbecue. He will also finalize the artwork on the invitation including an RSVP to the EVA website. Joe also agreed to help arrange a list of groceries that will be needed.

    Greg Nagel agreed to reconfirm with the Happy Village regarding reservation of the outdoor space for the barbecue. He also agreed to coordinate distribution of the invites and confirm with Dominick's about their sponsorship.

    Rich Anselmo stated that he would invite the aldermen to the event and ask them to include the event on their regular e-mail list. Brodi Cole will look for the Dominick's gift cards that EVA already has. She and Steve Crane will provide a bag toss game for the event. Steve Crane agreed to speak with the non-members of EVA at the barbecue regarding becoming members.

    Dana Palmer will assist both Greg Nagel with the distribution of the invites but also Joe Hunnewinkel with shopping for groceries that are needed. She will also prepare a premade list of EVA members with their names and contact information to ease the sign-in process at the event. All present agreed to meet one hour prior to the barbecue to help with set-up.

  2. No membership meeting will be held in August. The barbecue will count as that month's meeting.

  3. In regards to membership, Stephen Rynkiewicz will invite Steve Crane to wiki so that he can view the updated membership list.

  4. Scott Rappe informed the group that 1142 N. Wolcott is up for possible demolition. He also brought up 1041 N. Damen that is currently up for a special use zone change. He stated that he would draft a letter to the alderman requesting changing the B3-2 zoneing to a RM4.5 and will discuss it further with the group next meeting.
  5. Meeting adjourned.

Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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