Polish Triangle reset; Ace Hardware condos

Detroit's Michael Melis Trio performs in July at the Polish Triangle.

East Village Association board minutes for Nov. 9, 2015, by Michael VanDam

December Membership Meeting

Catherine Garypie suggested the Aussie Pet Mobile dog-grooming service as a potential Business Minute for the Dec. 7 meeting.

Polish Triangle Coalition

Neal McKnight said EVA needs a new liaison to the Polish Triangle Coalition planning committee. This could be a rotating position, with a different EVA rep attending when available.

Stephen Rynkiewicz will help draft bylaws for the group, which has been operating through Friends of the Parks. The East Village Association is a founding member of the coalition, which sponsors summer performances at Division, Ashland and Milwaukee.

Wells scores high grades; Leona's closes

Rituparna Raichoudhuri and Ernesto Matias of Chicago Public Schools

East Village Association minutes for Nov. 2, 2015, by Michael VanDam

Wells High School

Principal Rituparna Raichoudhuri and former principal Ernesto Matias discussed the current state of Wells High School. Topics included academic improvements at the school, the impact of charter schools on public high schools and the potential to add a World Language Academy track to the high school.

Raichoudhuri urged parents to visit the school and to consider it seriously. She would like the school to remain a vital part of the neighborhood and a school of choice.