Solar 'farm share' cuts ComEd bills

Not all Chicagoans can put solar panels on their roofs, but solar farms on the other side of the state can provide their energy and a ComEd bill credit.

Alternative electric suppliers have made residential customers wary over a quarter-century of marketing in Illinois, so community solar offerings have had a more modest rollout. Brent Buchberger, project development manager at Engie Distributed Solar, gave a soft-sell presentation March 1 on the Morrison, Illinois solar project for which EVA President John Gantner was civil engineer.

A 2017 law authorized the Illinois Shines program, which gives homeowners and renters financial incentives to support solar farms. The Citizens Utility Board says energy supply credits are similar to the savings from installing panels on your own property. Engie subscribers get a $100 signing bonus.

The meeting started with unanimous election of new 2021-22 officers:

  • President: John Gantner
  • Vice President: Alison Coughlin
  • Treasurer: Bob Zwolinski
  • Secretary: Christina Slaton

In other business, Stas Development president Mike Skoulsky said dedevelopment of St. Boniface Church has resumed after a long delay. Zwolinski asked EVA to pursue alley repaving, and Neal McKnight previewed EVA's March 15 board planning session and an April 24 Earth Day neighborhood cleanup.

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