Ukrainian Village group presses to preserve worker's cottages

A developer withdrew demolition plans for 2047 W. Augusta Blvd. after discussions with the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association

Worker's Cottage Preservation in Ukrainian Village

Kimberly Shannon, treasurer of the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association, discussed efforts to expand the Ukrainian Village landmark district. In discussions with UVNA, a developer agreed not to raze a worker's cottage at 2047 W. Augusta and to place the house back on the market. Other worker's cottages and 3-flats are worth preservation as well.

Shannon asks EVA to support preserving such buildings by extending the Ukrainian Village Landmark District along Augusta Boulevard from Leavitt to Damen. A proposal has not been submitted, but the Department of Planning and Preservation Chicago indicate that Chicago may be more willing to consider blocks that mix new and old properties. Residents would be allowed to make renovations that aren't visible from the street.

Kimberly Shannon

Smoking Out Marijuana Regulations

A show of hands indicated members favor a local cannabis dispensary. The Fulton Market District now has the sole licensed West Side dispensary. John Geahan of the 2nd Ward indicated where marijuana regulation is heading in Chicago. Aldermen aren't involved in the process, but the city requires a special use permit and limits dispensaries to commercial and industrial properties, and may open to other business areas.

Dispensaries are not allowed to operate near schools or near each other, The state city and county all tax cannabis products, but green card holders are exempt from many of the taxes. The city may allow smoking beyond the home, starting with cigar bars.

Midcentury Modern

Jon Gorske shared his approach to vintage antiques at Velvet Goldmine, 2001 W. Division St. West Town is a vintage hotbed, and rival Andersonville does not have its focus on modern design. Jon sources items from Nebraska to Kentucky, restoring them in his Pilsen shop. The accessible stock turns over quickly—typically half the inventory every week—with customers from across the Midwest and affordable prices to attract the Ikea and West Elm shopper. For now, free city delivery is available through Schlep.

EVA Officer Election

Michael VanDam conducted EVA's election of a 2020-21 leadership slate. These officers were elected unanimously:

  • President: John Gantner
  • Vice President: Michelle Hayward
  • Treasurer: Bob Zwolinski
  • Secretary: Christina Slaton

Planning, Preservation and Development

Committee members discussed the potential for a tavern at the site of the closed El Valle restaurant, 806 N. Winchester Ave. Such a plan would require lifting a liquor license moratorium and securing a special use permit. The building is in the 1st Ward, but neighbors are in the 2nd Ward across the alley. Geahan reiterated 2nd Ward Ald. Brian Hopkins' support of fair and contiguous rezoning.

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