Food truck parks at Polish Triangle

Coffee and sandwiches will be served from a trailer at Division, Ashland and Milwaukee.

East Village Association board minutes for August 8, 2016, by Daniel Navarro

Wolcott moratorium lift: Lucky's Sandwiches will show up either on September or a set meeting. Neal McKnight will coordinate for the pre-meeting and the general board meeting in terms of date and location. This is a pre-meeting prior to the general meeting. Ald. Brian Hopkins may attend. Aiming for October general membership meeting.

1019 N. Wolcott: Bathhouse is no longer requesting EVA review of zoning change.

St. Boniface: Complications may have arisen. More news by Friday.

Planning, Preservation & Development: Official response sent to Hopkins re: dairy. We were contacted 2 weeks ago re: Club Foot in building apartments on first floor; needs some sort of change for parking. Sent EVA guidelines and questionnaire. Sent out letter not supporting total zoning change but will work in other methods to put residential on Wood re: Deitch Pharmacy; have not heard more. No news from Cleo's. Windy City Convenience applied for liquor license.

Summer block party: Aug 27. Hopkins agreed to not have petition of 51% of residents for block party (perhaps it was a misunderstanding). Greg Nagel agreed to fund the bounce house and bags. Still working on beer (McKnight to see if can get 3 Floyds or Forbidden Root). No Boo-Palooza due to financial reasons involving security.

Polish Triangle: The food truck at Division, Ashland and Milwauekee is being run by the nephew of Authentaco's owner, planning on serving coffee and sandwiches till the end of the year.

CAPS: Looking for someone who is regularly attending the CAPS meetings to see if they would be willing to come to our meetings. Same with schools.

New Business: New 1708 W. Chicago office for Peter Gariepy, looking to have sign hanging outside. Is there special request or sign restrictions? Need to go to Chamber. Food Truck fest Sept 30. Teachers Who Write wants help promoting event in August.

Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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