EVA backs Plan of Operation for Chicago Avenue grocery

East Village Association minutes for May 2, 2016, by Daniel Navarro

President’s Welcome

Call to order 7:11pm at Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott Ave. Plan of operation copy available to view

Augusta Dairy Building Update

Neal McKnight - Scott Rappe and I got some emails, project presented to board, demolition was denied for white structure and back-set building. MCZ has retained a new architect to save historic buildings to be put into new structures. No one has seen designs but will see them in next couple of weeks. Neal and Scott will set up email to discuss further.

Presentation and Vote on Windy City Mini Market’s Request for a Liquor License

Dean Maragos here for WCMM. Here a few weeks ago with client, Jesse, but could not attend today because his manager became ill. Community lawyer for Chicago Greektown Chamber of Commerce, sensitive to community issues, represents those who are good to the community.

Mini Market at 1756 W. Chicago Ave. 2000 sq.ft.; will be using small portion of grocery store, has been there for 7 years. Packaged liquor as auxiliary use. Clearly a grocery store, contains everything, meat section. Will limit to beer and wine, more detail in Plan of Operation, nothing less than 5.99 only craft beer and wine. Majority of sales will be 70% non-liquor. Zoning is B1-2.

Plan of Operation amended to our request, is a grocery store not a packaged liquor store Accessory use, majority of sales non-liquor. Hours will not exceed midnight. Not to exceed 30%, nothing less than $5.99, special brews such as malt liquor will not be allowed, nothing high alcohol at low cost.

Agrees to work with police, alderman, and community to help in the safety of all community Will name a public liaison, the owner, Jesse who will hear the complaint Has agreed to sign limitations. Will look into asking the building owner to removing the overhead awning, This will become part of the licenses and if broken will be at risk to revoking the license,

Stephen Rynkiewicz - Plan of Operation is not enforced by city; what kind of enforcement is there? Dean - The city could go after licenses for nusience, violation of law, shooting, accounting (if percentage of sales exceeds) then all that can be taken to revoke the licenses. Dean has shut down Koncrete, he has a helped the community to shut down bars. Jesse has no violations. Dean has been a lawyer to remove licenses. Stephen - But there need to be complaints? Dean - Yes, anyone can trigger that, an alderman, a person, anyone can trigger an investigation. Stephen - But the city will not come in on their own? Dean - The city is getting more aggressive, he has seen full audits and has conducted audits. 1. is money, want to make sure they are getting all the money they can. 2. is from complaints 3. there are more and more violations. The city is becoming more aggressive in enforcement.

Suzi Wahl - What happens to this if the client sells? Dean - That can run with the establishment to be sold, this POA will be part of the licenses. He has had clients who has sold and the POA must accompany the sale, the alderman and the community can stop the sale. The POA can come up to change and this becomes a living licenses. Have worked in revocation of existing licenses. The new owner must prove that he can and is able to acquire a license.

Neal - There is an ordinance change that is needed? Dean - Yes, will be seeking for a lifting of the moratorium. Neal - What is the extent? Dean - From Wood to Ashland on Chicago. Neal - are there other businesses that can apply if the moratorium is lifted? Dean - It will be lifted for a year, they will need to apply. The entities that can stop a license is the community, Ald., commander, and the Mayor Licenses committee. Neal - have you investigated places in that space that will be eligible for a packaged liquor licenses? Dean - It is hard to do an analysis of the current situation. The area that is covered in moratorium there are other areas. But anyone can apply for a liquor licenses at any time, but cannot state that it won't happen. The community is safe here because of the 4 entities listed above that can stop the license. If the licensee is not willing to sign a POA then that is when everyone gets worried, this is not a buy a licenses.

Dan Johnson - Neal, is your question about any other C zone? Neal - I don't know if he knows this. But what about Walgreens? Dean - I don't know. I know some people of Walgreens and he has represented a client who allowed Walgreens to obtain a liquor licenses. The reason most did not is because of Mayor Daley. Neal - The reason I ask is because a part of our group is that our concern is that the Walgreens and the C-zoning will want to sell liquor. My next question is that there is a substantial investment made in that spot, have you or your client reached out to other businesses to see how they feel? Dean - No we have not contacted them. However, when retailers and community groups are against it, they would have heard. Jessie is running a solid operation and is respected by the alderman and the community, they know Jesse.

Suzi - I am sure Jesse is great, but we are talking about the stretch of land covering the moratorium. There are a lot of empty businesses in that area, and it is very difficult to remove a licenses and have one denied. Dean - asking for a POA is not an unreasonable request. For a new liquor licenses, Dean has worked with the a;derman and can be held to prevent liquor licenses to be denied. Asking for a POA sets precedence in the ward to obtain a new liquor license. This raises the conscious of the community of what can be asked for in a POA.

Peter Gariepy - Is it necessary to lift the moratorium for that amount of distance and that amount of time? Dean - The statute requires that it needs to be lifted for 2 blocks and 1 year as the minimum. It is a year and 2 blocks.

Michael - We were basically told that he will be lifting the moratorium so this is a great time for us to be able to insert a POA - this is our opportunity to directing how to lift the moratorium. Dean - he will be taking requests as to what type of beer and wine.

Dan - Does anyone else have any questions or comments? Peter - What is the timeline? Dean - If approved then will be speaking with alderman to lift the moratorium then apply, so like 6 months. Dan - Alderman has lifted the moratorium in Division without discussing with us. Internally we have been discussing this and holding on a moratorium is dangerous because we will not be involved in the issue. I have talked to the alderman a couple of weeks ago and stated that the POA was fair, he asked if he would lift even without support, was stated that he would or wouldn't

Neal - It is the alderman's decision to do this. He has a choice to listen to us or not. The nature of the rematch has separated the commercial from the residence. Dan - It is important to know that our vote on the issue is supporting or not supporting the issue, it is ultimately up to the alderman to make that decision to listen to us or not. We are weighing in and this not a zoning issue. Will put it to a vote. The vote will be to support the POA on paper, the lifting of the moratorium for the streets involved; EVA voted to be in support of the request pursuant to 7 for 5 against. Will pass as a show of support.

St. Boniface Update

Bob Zwolinski - We have been working in support of St. Boniface. Bob gave update as to history of St. Boniface. Chicago Academy of Music has show interest. Will be going to court on Wednesday, the owner and lawyers will be seeing a demolition. Michael Vasilko has been working on project for 10 years, not connected to the owners. Neighbors of St. Boniface is a group of neighbors dedicated to supporting the church. The entire site is zoned RS-3. We are bringing in a lot of people and are trying to get a 75 day extension even though the judge stated he would approve demo. The Chicago Academy will have to bring in a developer, to landmark the building. A developer will need to be brought in to finish the 4th wall. A joint partnership will be created and will need to find a common ground to establish some apartments in the church. The church will be saved but additional housing to the east.

Mike - This is a call to arms, this coming Wednesday at 2 at Daley Center court house, demo may be approved to demo. The Chicago Academy of Music came, presented an offer to Carefree Development, which was satisfied with dollar amount but asked for a 75 day extension. Carefree denied extension. Mike is here tonight to raise the awareness.

Dan - EVA does have a draft letter and will be adding in the 75 days. Dan put together a vote asking current EVA members present if they oppose writing the letter, no vote for opposing writing the letter. Mike Ald. Burnett has been in behind the project 100%.

Peter - is there anything else that may be needed besides a letter from EVA? Bob - People support, if you are around. Peter - is this simply a judge matter, who can we call or write to? Bob - we have an active buyer, but we need more time for this to develop. Mike - should the owner succeed in knocking it down, the potential to make money on that empty lot is large. But the underlying zone will be an RS-3.

John - The NOSB support a 75 day extension to see a plan. The academy has not shown anything in regards to plans. Mike has shown plans but none are from the Academy of Music. These plans are there to bridge the gap between the owners and the academy.

Mike - The critical issue today and Wednesday is to see if can get the 75 day extension. We would support no zoning changing will support to get the 75 day extension to see if can get Neal - What can we do as a group? Bob - Need to sit with CASM and developers to see what is a realistic number of housing, the CASM needs to provide a plan

Peter - What can we do as a group then? We can't force CASM to make a plan. Bob - can show up to court, can call Ald. Burnett, but there will be a lot of people at the court room, but we will only be a witness if called, cannot make statements in favor or against.

Parks Update

Dan - If anyone wants to make any announcements about parks. Daniel - Friends of Eckhart Park fundraiser is May 12, look at Facebook page for more information.

New Business

Parlor Pizza submitted a landscape redesign - will be required to add tree pits. Have not yet filed for a patio permit. Still obligated to add tree pits.

Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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