Events could make splash in converted bathhouse

The city operated a bathhouse at 1019 N. Wolcott Ave. from 1918 through the 1960s.

East Village Association board minutes for May 9, 2016, by Daniel Navarro

Planning, Preservation & Development
Lincoln bathhouse followup (1019 N. Wolcott Ave.)
Michelle Hayward came to discuss proposal, has responded to some of our recommendations and questions. Looking for input from group to take a position on it. Will discuss with PP&D committee. Has spoken to or notified neighbors; most neighbors were disinterested or not opposed.
Stephen Rynkiewicz - She is outlining a business use. Historically it should be residential. Event use cannot accommodate neighbors.
Michael VanDam - I do think there could be an argument made that it is a specific structure that has another use; it is more than just a house.
Catherine Garypie - Doesn't want this type of proposal to spread to other residential lots. She couldn't give a limit on the number of events a week, outside use was discussed, 100 persons limit on lot, not zoned for use.
Neal McKnight - Hasn't had other events, understands the concern but doesn't think she comes in with malicious intent. She isn't coming in to run a Happy Village. Let's be flexible and evaluate what she wants to do. She has been waiting for a response for a year, she could have already obtained an Airbnb and opened an art gallery, but she doesn't want to do it this way; the city has offered her this option.
Daniel Johnson - Is there something similar to a Plan of Operation that can be placed on zoning changes?
Dan - This business license can have restrictions placed in it.
Michael - Can we have a mechanism to be able to shut down if business violates this? The alderman  should at least be on board.
Stephen - Alderman needs to ask if neighbors have signed off on it.
Dan - The alderman is looking for a response. Don't agree that we can reject it out of hand.
Catherine - Is there going to be a PPD recommendation?
Neal - Brian Foote and Scott Rappe are involved and need to weigh in.
Dan - Need to get more information from Brian and Scott to see if need to bring it up to the general membership to vote
Jordan - Can we send out mailing to these neighbors to come to the meeting to weigh in on the issue?
Neal - I don't know if we want to set that as a precedence to have that as the standard for every zoning change.
Dan - Let's see what the PP&D committee comes up with as for a recommendation.
Neal - There is more control in the limited business license than in a POA. The limited business license is built into the licenses itself

Windy City Mini Market followup (1756 W. Chicago Ave.)
Dan - Neal brought up issue with framing the letter, do we want to phrase it as it was voted on? We will leave it as framed at the meeting. Going forward we should state "not opposed." The vote was to support the POA and lift the liquor moratorium.
Neal - Suggestion would be to have these businesses give us the request or proposal, they should give their position and write it up to be able to circulate to members.
Catherine - CGNA has asked to the alderman to delay lifting the moratorium until the CGNA has time to discuss. Asking this goes in to the letter, that to please allow CGNA to weigh in.
Stephen - Ald. Moreno should request that these types of licenses be submitted to both groups if falls into both zones.
Michael - 1053 N. Ashland has applied for a licenses and we have not been approached; not sure if city has contacted Moreno. What is the point of having this precedent for Windy City Mini Market if this other place can just bypass it? 1053 Ashland is applying for liquor license, does not have grocery license.
Dan - We just received this email and are following up on application.

Deitch Pharmacy request (1800 W. Chicago Ave.)
Dan - Their lawyers want to change the zoning to change the dentist office on Wood to residential. PP&D has concerns about residential on Chicago Avenue; they have stated that there are no plans to make the commercial space on Chicago to make it residential. Per PP&D , the commercial avenue is not a good place to have residential. The law firm will send us material and PP&D will tailor to this specific location to come back to board to discuss. Looking toward PP&D for recommendations and input.

Additional PP&D items
819, 821 and 823 N. Ashland: David Burns may have some information.
Tomorrow developer of old Leona's will present at 1 pm for preserving the buildings.
Parlor Pizza will be placing extra tree pits.
1537 W. Walton, 1542 W. Augusta proposals coming from Dan.

St. Boniface Update
Demolition delay got 30-day extension. Letter went out to city attorney.
Bob Zwolinski has an email from Chicago Academy of Music; and trying to set up a meeting. Dan to circulate email from Bob.

New Business
1947 W. Chicago rehab is finally starting; commercial ground floor and 5 apartments above.
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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