Toward civil, inclusive meetings

The city operated a bathhouse at 1019 N. Wolcott Ave. from 1918 through the 1960s.

East Village Association board minutes for Sept. 21, 2015, by Michael VanDam

Membership Meeting

Given Ald. Proco Joe Moreno’s statements regarding EVA at the Sept. 14 general meeting, the board and guests discussed ways to ensure that meetings remain civil and changes to ensure that EVA remains inclusive of all neighborhood voices.

Suggestions included:

  • Issuing a statement about civility at the beginning of each meeting.
  • The alderman hosting a separate community meeting to discuss issues like Golden Arms, instead of simply sending it to EVA.
  • Ensuring that aldermen send representatives to attend EVA meetings.
  • Instituting a series of educational sessions on zoning and other planning issues.
  • Improving outreach and awareness of EVA through brochures and other collateral.
  • Re-establishing or changing key EVA principles through discussion with membership.

Bathhouse on Wolcott

Michelle Hayward, who owns the former Lincoln bathhouse on Wolcott, would like to use the space to host low-impact cultural and civic events. She and her husband bought the building in 2013.

It hasn’t been used publicly in 40 years, and she’d like it to be an active space for the community. Neal McKnight will help her in zoning inquiries.

October Meeting

Chicago Publishers Resource Center will provide the Business Minute. Catherine Garypie or Michael VanDam will lead the meeting in Dan Johnson’s absence.

New Wine Bar from The Winchester

Chris Pappas, owner of The Winchester restaurant, is exploring opening a wine bar in an old house on the north side of Division. Because of Americans With Disabilities Act requirements, the city would like him to install a ramp or lift, which he is concerned will affect the vintage character of the building. He is seeking support from EVA and the Wicker Park Committee for a variance. The building is orange-rated.

At West Town Bakery, 1916 W. Chicago Ave. Attendees (partial): Dan Johnson, Brian Foote, Catherine Garypie, Marjorie Isaacson, Jordan Marie, Neal McKnight, Greg Nagel, Daniel Navarro, Stephen Rynkiewicz.

Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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