Ashland Church apartment plan extends transit zone

Ashland Church of God, 1062 N. Ashland

East Village Association board minutes for May 11, 2015, submitted by Michael VanDam

Planning, Preservation & Development

1062 N. Ashland: PP&D heard prospective owner Mark Sutherland's proposal for new apartment construction around the Ashland Church of God's existing fa├žade. Such a plan would require the city to change its zoning map, expand its new transit-oriented development zones and further loosen parking requirements.

The PP&D committee and board felt the proposal was too preliminary to weigh in. Concerns revolved around added height and lack of interior preservation.

1838 W. Chicago (Fifield Cos. development): Fifield has obtained building permits and has begun marketing the development as Luxe on Chicago. Construction should start soon.

Upcoming General Meetings

A representative from the city forestry service is scheduled as speaker for EVA's June 1 meeting.

A representative from the Active Transportation Alliance is interested in “taking EVA’s temperature” on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plan for Ashland Avenue.

New Business

EVA may consider developing a long-term development plan. Given the city’s financial situation, it was pointed out that any plan in the current environment would need to be revenue positive.

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