Alderman-elect Brian Hopkins at Happy Village

The new 2nd Ward alderman speaks to the East Village Association before his May 18 inauguration. Brian Hopkins plans to spend most of his time at a ward service office west of Ashland Avenue; Streeterville residents can reach him at City Hall.

East Village Association minutes for May 4, 2015, submitted by Michael VanDam

Brian Hopkins, the newly elected 2nd Ward alderman, was the primary guest. Among the topics he addressed in his presentation and Q&A session:

  • He has not selected a ward office location yet, but would like it to be on the west side of the ward, potentially on Ashland Avenue.
  • He is currently hiring staff and meeting with all neighborhood associations affiliated with the 2nd Ward. Particularly in such a sprawling ward, he considers neighborhood associations crucial in his decision-making regarding zoning and development issues.
  • Other topics addressed by Hopkins include his stance on the Ashland Bus Rapid Transit plan, cross-ward cooperation, the redistricting process and local school issues.

Margie Isaacson gave a presentation on the Frankie Machine Gardens at Haddon Avenue and Wood Street. EVA was instrumental in getting the community garden started 30 years ago, and is still affiliated, although the land is owned by NeighborSpace, a Chicago community land trust. Currently 42 people have plots at the garden.

Planning, Preservation & Development, CAPS and Website/Newsletter had no substantive updates.

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