Ward debate, CTA Blue Line plans

Andrew Hamilton and Steve Niketopoulos speak at the Oct. 6 meeting. Other 1st and 2nd Ward candidates will give presentations at upcoming meetings. EVA will organize a separate debate.

East Village Association board minutes for Oct. 13, 2014, submitted by Catherine Garypie


NOTE: EVA & EVA Board must be politically neutral. Individuals can support candidates in their individual capacity, but not as EVA reps. Talk to McKnight with any concerns on this as the aldermanic races heat up.

Wells HS (rents for $280/night)

Dates: 1/29 (2nd Ward) & 2/5 (1st Ward) btwn 6 & 9pm

Partners: CGNA (YES), UVNA (YES - Kim), New Group South of Chicago & West of Damen (YES), others? NOTE: Wicker Park Committee may join in. Invites will go out 60 days in advance (Nov 29).

Ideas for a moderator? Possibly Tony Sarabia from WBEZ.

May use these as a fundraising opportunity. The Winchester (restaurant) will hold pre-date cocktail party w/proceeds go to local charity ($10/person, everyone gets a drink with the $10 entry)

May use League of Women's Voters format. McKnight will circulate Google Doc.

Possible topics for the debate: candidate view of EVA's white paper on historic preservation; would you overrule a neighborhood organization that voted and gave you a recommendation for a decision you are charged with making? if yes, why? in what situation?; InnerTown Pub beer garden; routine damage to tree pits along Division & Chicago by sidewalk cafes (bricks, lighting, outlets installed in tree pits); management of menu dollars.


10/20/14. Dinner at Homestead. Is this a political event? Moreno is a co-sponsor. The money goes directly to Field of Hope, but Moreno is listed as a co-sponsor. Board decision: EVA will send a contribution directly to Field of Hope in advance of event, but because of bylaws (EVA needs to stay politically neutral), EVA will not send members to attend the event. NOTE: EVA members may attend in their individual capacity. Tix are $200. EVA will donate $400.


November: Hopkins & Locke; December: Wilson & Shaw; January: Moreno & Pattison; February: Pfingsten & Buenrostro. Dates may change; some candidates may not make it on the ballot.


Director of Advocacy at Preservation Chicago will be asked to speak. Rough draft of demolition ordinance will be issued on 10/15. Will discuss draft demolition ordinance, etc.


1822-50 W. Chicago Ave.: Discussion held regarding Ald. Moreno overuling EVA general membership vote on zoning for Fifield property on Chicago Ave.

Polish Triangle: Survey is out/available. When Metropolitan Planning did their last survey they had 500 total responses. So far this survey, in a couple of days, has about 330 responses. Naming issue may be a big deal. McKnight & Rappe have an upcoming mtg with CTA & others. CTA funding is in place for Division CTA stop canopy - what kind will it be (traditional? modern?). Should EVA weigh in on Chicago Ave. CTA stop overhaul? Board consensus: yes - that corner is a gateway to the EV. RFPs will go out in Dec or Jan (for 3 Blue Line stops: Grand, Chicago, Division).

1709 W. Chicago Ave.: Variance is being requested, to add floors. Rehab is fine, but EVA will seek no facade changes.

Joe Glorioso (Inner Town Pub) wants a beer garden (again – this is second time in 12 months). This is an expansion of alcohol use within the moritorium area. He was referred to EV by Raymond in Alderman Moreno's Office. Allegedly the InnerTown Pub has a set of petitions signed by local property owners who support the beer garden idea. EVA has asked for the written proposal & will audit the "petitions". EVA has said no to this before (~5 times in the last 7 years). Should EVA just say no up front? This has been "asked & answered." Last time EVA/alderman said "talk to your neighbors" (like, within a block or two) & tell EVA what the neighbors think - how many people within 500 feet of the bar support it?

McKnight will follow up with email stating: (1) here is what we asked you to do before, did you do it? (2) this has been asked & answered (3) have you contacted the neighbors will be immediately impacted (several board members will be immediately impacted & have not been contacted) (4) let us see your petitions. It is a non-compatible use in a residential area. EVA may want to consider trying to vote the precinct dry to prevent this issue from being raised repeatedly. Inner Town is in the 2nd Ward - why are they working with Moreno? They should be working with Fioretti.

EVA will seek update on the following: Leona's; Peabody School; Club Foot.


Fundraiser for Eckhart Park at Bow & Stern coming up – please consider attending.

Assn of HS Principals has invited McKnight as President of EVA. Event at High Dive. Community groups will come & speak about their views on education (NOTE: this principal group is opposed to charter schools).

Start: 6:45pm, end 8:50pm at West Town Bakery. In attendance: McKnight, Goh, Garypie, G. Alcazar-Anselmo, Van Dam, Johnson, Anselmo, Rynkiewicz, Nagle

Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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