EVA accepts Chicago Christmas Crawl

Jess Loren, David Coleman at Oct. 6 meeting in Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott Ave.

East Village Association minutes for Oct. 6, 2014 meeting, submitted by Catherine Garypie


Jess Loren, SocialTechPop: I am a former resident of this area. The event will be on Division between Ashland & Hoyne to have tasting and cocktail options for a "spirited event" ($3-$5 tasting menu, food). We don't expect to be a heavy-drinking event. Our ticket price ($35) targets an older crowd ("25 years old & up"). We're trying to focus on more of a foodie vibe. There will be no trolley – walking only. We have 6 venues committed. We're in talks with other venues. Other venues want to know what the community thinks before committing.

We believe this is a positive for the neighborhood businesses because we are going to bring business to these restaurants at a slow time of year. City doesn't require a permit for an event like this. But we'll go through the process for a permit. We are a 1st year event, we don't have a history, and we're not sure how many people to expect. Chicago Special Events is experienced and will be handling street cleanup immediately after the event. The event will run from 10am to 8pm. Security will end at 8:30pm. We are considering a date change to December 6 (Locke: That is the date of Do-Division Fest).

David Coleman, Extrity: I've been in security for 10 years. We handle security for Boundary. We'll have "roamers" - a rotating presence. Several people rotating from Paulina to Ashland. We may ask people to leave if there is undesirable behavior. We understand this is not Clark Street - it's a family neighborhood. We'll have off-duty EMTs and CPD as employees at the event. My company is big on hospitality. We don't like to be physically aggressive. Security will give anyone who is overserved to the CPD.

Neal McKnight, EVA president: One concern in this area is that fests can attract undesirable behavior which is essentially a tax on the community.

Q. How do we keep you to what you are promising? Will you put these promises in writing & back it up with contracts? Most of don't live right on Division. Will you extend cleanup to 2-3 blocks on either side of Division? Do you have a traffic plan?

A: All contracts will be attendance-based so we don’t know how many tickets will be sold at this time. If we get heavy ticket sales we will have the staff necessary present at the event. I will sit down and talk with EVA about contracts & staffing once we get closer to the event. We want this to be an annual event. We want to community to be happy with the event. Note also that we are working with charities which will benefit from this event.

Q: Can the charity be the Lasalle II school on Division?

A. We are targeting CFD Union, I'm for Kids & Chicagoland Dog Rescue

Q: We know our community. We have bars. With the fests, we see problems on the side streets, not on Division. Security on Division won't really help much. Also, we only get a response when we use the "liquor license" buzzwords with bars/restaurant. We don’t have that kind of control with your organization.

A: I will sit down and talk with EVA about contracts & staffing once we get closer to the event.

Q: When is your definitive time frame for reaching agreement w/the three neighborhood associations?

A: There is a 45 day buffer between the application & the permit issuing.

Q: Is Alderman in favor or opposed?

A: I have no comment on that.

VOTE: Yes Christmas Crawl or no Christmas Crawl? YES-11 NO-9. EVA does not oppose the Christmas Crawl.

Andrew Hamilton, Steve Niketopoulos

Andrew Hamilton, candidate in 1st Ward: I have lived in UV since 2008. Originally from KY. Family in Elmwood Park. Went to law school in Michigan. In private practice for 3 years.

Why running? Satisfaction of helping others. I'd like to make Chicago better. Want to make the quality of living better in 1st Ward, including more efficient infrastructure (potholes, streetlights). It’s not just a full time job "it's an overtime job". I will not have a litigation practice going at the same time I serve as alderman.

Q: What's your current position on Wards in the City – do you think we're currently over served with 50 aldermen?

A: I think its good to have 50 aldermen. I like to have a mixture of different opinions.

Q: Top 2-3 issues facing the 1st Ward?

A: Crime/safety, better/more efficient infrastructure, dog parks. Overall, a more efficient Ward.

Q: Would you entertain working with a caucus (i.e. the City Council Progressive Caucus)

A: Yes.

Q: Your position on the Ashland BRT?

A: I think we need more facts.

Q: If elected, will you take campaign contributions from businesses or individuals who have a matter pending in front of you (liquor license, zoning change).

A: Probably not.

Steve Niketopoulos, candidate in 2nd Ward: Large portion of EV will be in the 2nd Ward (1/3 of the EV). Hideout to John Hancock to Pipers Alley. I do community work (Neighborhood Watch, etc.). I've been serving as President of UVNA. A lot of preservation work in that role (church, etc.). I'm at Damen & Iowa.

I got started because there was garbage blowing into my yard & I wanted a garbage can at the bus stop. Wauguspack helped me understand the complexity of adding a garbage can (buying can, placement, scheduling pickup). He suggested I talk to the SSA. They told me to get signatures of neighbors to add a 4% tax to the neighbor’s property tax bill. So I rolled a can in front of the house & rotated the can every 2 weeks.

When Fioretti decided to run for mayor, it was kind of an easy decision. I like to identify problems at the local level, and make decisions at that level. There are 9 communities who are in the gerrymandered 2nd Ward. We need to be transparent.

Q: do we need 50 aldermen?

A: 2nd Ward is tricky...kind of block by block. If there are going to be 50 Wards they should more accurately represent neighborhoods. But I know that New York City, for example, does not have as many aldermen compared with Chicago.

Q: How will your story about the trash can change if you are alderman?

A: I would want to look very closely at what can be done with Streets & Sanitation – after all, we are paying for City services with our tax dollars.

Q: Wauguspack has left thousands of menu dollars on the table to carry from one year to another...isn't that the bigger problem with the garbage can issue?

A: Everyone has something they want Ward menu dollars to go to. I want participatory budgeting...not just the Alderman or staff deciding where the money goes. I don't hold Waguspack accountable for that issue. Only in the last few years has Mayor Emanuel not allowed menu dollars to roll from one year to the next.


Polish Triangle/CTA renovation: Renovations (canopies, artwork). EVA is working with others to trying to put together public & private funding for Polish Triangle. Rob Buono has asked to participate (he has not committed funding yet). There will be a survey coming out asking about design/use of the Polish Triangle-please take the survey! Then there will be a design phase & we'll try to influence the decision making.

Fifield review: Ald. Moreno has allowed an upzone to 59 units. We recently learned that Fifield will move up from 2 affordable units to 4. We'd like 6 affordable units. Also Fifield has moved down to a $100,000 contribution to Commercial Park from his earlier commitment of $200,000. EVA feels making a zoning change contingent on donations to entities in the community is a bad idea. Essentially, with the deal Alderman Moreno made here, 20 more units will be added to the development for a $100,000 donation to Commercial Park.


not sure the SSA really has 20% of the PIN holders on the street. The signatures were not in until 2 days before the hearing. EVA is looking into this.


If all commitments come in & Sun-Times, there will be $4,000 going from the EVA fundraiser to the West Town Library. First chess class is 10/21 (6-7pm, 5 and up). Library is hiring Renaissance Knights, a nonprofit from the neighborhood.


we have $6,000 in our account.


3-4 break-ins on Marshfield. If you see something, call. ALWAYS MAKE A REPORT...it will put resources into our neighborhood. If 911 operators give you a problem: ask for their name and tell them your CAPS Sergeant wants you to call in - and get a case number. If you are wondering if you should call...the answer is: YES, CALL.

Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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