Division Street trees, festival finances

East Village Association minutes for July 7, 2014, submitted by Catherine Garypie
Aug. 3 EVA Block Party

800 block of North Winchester. Contributions needed - food, drink, etc.

Planning, Preservation & Development

  1. Fifield property at 1822-1850 W Chicago Ave. Alderman has been in negotiations. Owner-developer has an agreement about upzoning. McKnight asked for details. There will be a number of affordable units. This is contrary to EVA expectations and recommendations. McKnight will obtain more details.
  2. Trader Joe's update. Board met with Smithfield on May 12 and voted "not supporting" current proposal as presented. Questions sent on May 23. Smithfield has not yet responded. EVA Board has decided to send letter to alderman regarding TJ's development. There's now a zoning change notice on the fence at the property.
  3. Red Square tree pit. Ongoing problems with the tree pits (fencing gone, trees bricked in, tree pit being used for storage space for outdoor cafes). EVA and WPB don't want changes to tree pits and iron fencing. Alderman has agreed to get the Red Square tree pit back to normal. Red Square applied for the required permit for patio, but city had a hold on approval. Alderman said no on tree pit changes, and it appears Red Square did not have a permit. Other problematic tree pits: Anthem, Prasino, Moonshine, Smoke Daddy, Roots. Chicago Avenue has lost a lot of trees. Board will discuss further at next week's meeting.
  4. Forbidden Root. Zoning change and moratorium lift went through, according to Michael Van Dam. March-April 2015 is target opening for Forbidden Root.
  5. 1947 W Chicago Ave. Will be retail with apartments above. Details forthcoming. Developer is Barnett Capital.

Neighborhood association collaborative

Collaborative is continuing to meet. Collaborative is working on a Street Festival Financial Disclosure template. Concerns include: Charitable contribution is based on a dollar figure after alcohol sales are extracted and expenses subtracted. Expenses are sometimes not well documented.

Collaborative is planning a letter to certain aldermen about this. Collaborative is also monitoring possible changes to Fashion Fest/ "New Orleans Fest". Apparently there will be a music stage this year.

SSA tax increases

West Town SSA application has been submitted. Not sure if they reached 20% of PIN numbers. EVA will monitor. Majority of PINs in new SSA area are residential, which is a concern.

Library fundraising

Library started reading program for summer, on- & offsite. EVA is helping library collect school supplies. Party for reading program on Aug. 7. EVA will give out school bags with supplies. Will be table at EVA cookout on Aug. 3. Can bring donations to cook out.

Treasurer report

We have about $4,500.


Please contribute if you have good ideas and/or expertise.


Some problems on Marshfield Avenue. If you see something, call 911.

New Business

LsSalle II School (Wolcott side): impressive new mural will be finished this week. Work ongoing at Honore and Snowberry parks.

Starts 7:08pm, adjourns 7:35pm at Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott Ave.

Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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