EVA Monday: What we're voting on

East Village Association members vote Monday night on two high-profile Chicago Avenue developments. Ald. Proco Joe Moreno often seeks input from community groups on zoning, land use and licensing issues; these votes advise him. (While the City Council's making the decision, nearly always it follows the home alderman's recommendation.)

At 7pm in Happy Village, 1049 N. Wolcott Ave, the meeting starts with a progress report on the Field of Hope ballpark plan for Wells Community Academy High School. A $2.5 million fundraising drive continues with a May 16 fundraiser at the school, 936 N Ashland Ave.

Forbidden Root

President Neal McKnight and Forbidden Root's representatives will summarize the project at 1746 W. Chicago Ave. EVA's discussions with the brewers since January are documented here. EVA's board makes no recommendation on the vote. The proposed motion:

The East Village Association general membership does not oppose the lifting of the tavern moratorium on Chicago Avenue from Wood Street to Ashland Avenue and a Type 1 rezoning of 1742-1750 W. Chicago Ave.; from B1-2 to C1-1 and the issuance of of a tavern license to Forbidden Root/ Robert Finkl subject to an agreed upon Plan of Operation.

Fifield Cos.

EVA's board recommends a vote against the project at 1822-50 W. Chicago Ave. The developer will make a presentation; current and past plans are documented here. The proposed motion:

There are currently pending requests and discussions for the lots located at 1822-1850 West Chicago Avenue to be acquired to expand the adjacent Commercial Club Park. The Fifield Companies have also requested that these lots be upzoned to allow for the construction of additional units beyond the number allowed by current zoning. The Planning, Preservation and Development Committee of the East Village Association and the Board of Directors of the East Village Association have concluded that the Fifield Companies have not demonstrated any hardship or significant community benefit that would justify an upzone allowing additional units on these lots.

Does the East Village Association general membership oppose the rezoning of 1822-1850 West Chicago Avenue from B3-2 to B3-3 to allow for a Planned Development proposed by the Fifileld Companies with a maximum of 59 residential units as presented to East Village Association Board on April 7. 2014.

Voting procedures are spelled out in the EVA bylaws.

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