Sign the petition: Keep the East Village package liquor moratoria

The East Village Association invites you to sign an online petition to maintain the package liquor moratoria in our community. We also encourage all of our friends and members to share the petition with their friends and neighbors.

Petition: Keep the East Village package liquor moratoria

After intensive and thorough discussion of the issue, concern over alcohol sales remains high throughout the community. In EVA forums for the past three months, a consensus formed that liquor moratoria continue to serve the purpose for which the city established them: It established an environment that continues to attract significant new residential and business development.

The online petition can be signed with an email address (which will remain confidential) or by using Facebook registration. While signing, you can leave your comments on how liquor-sales limits have helped the community. Show your name on the online signature list and let your voice be heard!

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  1. This moratorium doesn't make sense for everyone. I just found out that the owner of my favorite neighborhood store Sahar, at Division & Wood, wants to transfer ownership to his brother (who works there all the time -- the owner doesn't). The brother who wants to buy it can't get the liquor license transferred because of the moratorium. He has a petition that requires 200 signatures, but it can only be signed by people who live within 500 feet of the store. I live 2 blocks away, but I can't sign it because I dont live within 500 feet of the store. If the guy can't get his liquor license, he'll go out of business, and the store that's been there for years will be gone. It's so sad and so unfair!


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