Inmates give lowdown on gangs, drugs

By Molly Murray

This Saturday the 13th District will sponsor another "Keeping it Real" forum where you can hear directly from convicted offenders. This years subject is drug dealers and gang members. Please consider joining us.

Last year we talked to a forum of convicted burglar/robbers. They'll first tell you a little about themselves then why they did what they did, how they did it, when they did it - all the details. This is interactive so you will be allowed to ask any questions of them along the way.

Although our beat is not burdened with gang members, we are surrounded by them and with the potential closing of our station, we should hear what they have to say and maybe we will learn how to keep stake in our territory.

This Keeping It Real forum is a partnership between the Chicago Police and the Safer Foundation that connects orrectional inmates with youth and their guardians for the real story on inmate life and the pitfalls that parents and youth can avoid.

This is a free event from 10 am till noon Saturday at St. Mary Of Nazareth Hospital auditorium, 1127 N. Oakley Blvd. Last year was eye opening, I hope you can take the time to join us again this year. For details, call Sgt. Juan Clas at 312-746-8355.

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