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A row of logos now lines up at the top of the East Village Association website. Not all the images will look familiar, but click on each one and you'll discover yet another way to check in with neighbors. Below the row of icons is a sign-up box for EVA newsletters, sent via Constant Contact several times a month.

How many social-media sites does East Village need? Probably you'll use only one regularly — but you get to choose which works best for you. Here are descriptions of the sites behind all those logos.

Facebook: Your friends are EVA fans too. Facebook keeps a running count and shows their photos. EVA's 440 Facebook fans make this an active page, since anyone can post comments, links, or even photos and video.

Twitter: Here 313 followers get tweets of EVA web posts, plus crime alerts, Yelp reviews, real estate listings, local news spotted by Outside.in and discussions on Yahoo! The Twitter page archives many of the headlines seen on the right-hand side of pages here at eastvillagechchicago.org.

Everyblock: This Chicago site casts a wide net for web posts with East Village addresses, notably the Chicago Police crime reports. Regular readers contribute their own lively steam of comments and questions.

Yahoo! EVA's 5-year-old message board is based on even older listserv and usenet forums. Group discussions are carried on mostly by e-mail and moderated to limit spam.

OhSoWe: Featured this week on WBEZ, the homegrown tool-sharing site takes users' addresses but shows only their first names and last initials. Readers can circulate fliers and other documents to the group — but no mega-uploads.

Nextdoor: The newest of these social sites is a Facebook clone that shows full names and addresses but is closed to people outside the neighborhood. In the first week of an EVA tryout, testers have been introducing themselves and comparing notes on apartments for rent.

Feedburner: E-mail programs like Outlook and web browsers including Firefox now double as RSS feed readers, giving them a built-in way to keep up with East Village Association posts.

Feel free to continue the discussion here as well. You'll still be asked to sign in before commenting to keep things neighborly, but now using a Google account.

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