Statement on Division-Ashland development

Paul Utigard (left) and Rob Buono present a plan for the Pizza Hut site at 1601 W. Division

Dear Alderman Moreno:

Rob Buono and Paul Utigard presented their proposed scheme at the East Village Association Board meeting last evening. The Board found that the preliminary proposal appears to meet all of the criteria that have been set forth for the development of this property:

1. Significant presence (79'-11" height across the majority of the site)
2. High Density (50-70 residential units)
3. Mixed-Use (ground floor retail, second floor office, 5 floors of residential)
4. Pedestrian & public transit friendly (no onsite parking provided)

The scheme that was presented was preliminary and there are many details yet to be worked out. We respectfully request that you include the East Village Association in these discussions to ensure the project continues to meet community expectations as it is developed. Some known concerns and questions that have yet to be addressed include:

- median to control left turns from westbound Division Street traffic
- potential traffic control measures on Marshfield
- proposed use of west building elevation for advertising
- incorporation of public art versus amenities that support the arts community
- availability of car-sharing facilities
- specific undesirable uses for retail storefronts

It is our understanding that the next step in the process is for the developers to file an application for a Planned Development. We are very encouraged by what we have seen so far and ask that you support the application, with the caveat that the East Village Association be kept apprised of the process and retain an active role as the specifics of the PD are negotiated.

Thank you,
Scott A. Rappe, AIA
Planning, Preservation & Development Committee
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