Wicker Park & Bucktown Chamber on Division/Ashland development

August 29, 2011

The WPBCC reiterates our support as outlined in the attached letter from 2007. We continue to support a medium-to-high density, transit-oriented development at this location and welcome the opportunity to comment on a specific proposal, when one comes before the community for consideration. I thank you for reaching out to the Chamber for our input. I am also copying Alderman Moreno to reiterate our support of an appropriate TOD at this site.

Adam Burck, Executive Director, Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce

August 1, 2007

Dear Alderman Flores,

The Planning, Development and Zoning Committee of the Wicker Park and Bucktown Chamber of Commerce wishes to express its support of the East Village Association’s position regarding the future redevelopment of the former Pizza Hut property located at the southwest corner of Division Street and Ashland. We are in full agreement that development of this property should include a multi-storied, mixed use building of a scale that is complimentary to the historic MB Bank building to the north.

It is our understanding that this site is being considered for a new Walgreen’s and we feel that a mixed use building could accommodate this business while also offering additional floors for commercial and residential use. As stated in the East Village Association’s letter dated July 18th, 2007, the proximity of the site to public transit (the subway and three bus lines), the three major thoroughfares and the Kennedy Expressway along with the prime shopping and service district is certainly validation for a major transit oriented development.

With all the improvements currently taking place at the Triangle and the exciting plans in place for the MB Bank building, now is the time to advocate for a significant project that will serve as a new landmark for this major gateway into our community. We respectfully request that a proactive position be taken with Walgreens and the developer of this property to deliver such a project.


David Wolf, Chairman
Planning, Development and Zoning Committee
The Wicker Park & Bucktown Chamber of Commerce
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