Pulaski Park Neighborhood Association on Division/Ashland development

August 3, 2011

Dear Ald. Moreno:

On behalf of the Pulaski Park Neighborhood Association, we understand that the lot has been sold on the SE corner of Ashland and Division, and that there are plans for development. Although it is on the opposite corner of our boundaries, we do have vested interest in the portal to the Division Street business district and the impact that has on the Polish Triangle and the northern part of Wicker Park that includes Pulaski Park Neighborhood Association.

We highly recommend and support the concerns from the East Village Association that the new construction approved for that location should provide a significant presence to the Triangle, be a pedestrian- and transit-friendly building with no surface parking visible from the Triangle and offer mixed use with a height and density to match the MB Bank/CVS building on the opposite side of Division. We would appreciate being kept in the know on what is being proposed for this corner and hope that the development is one that will meet the growth needs of our neighborhood.

Karen Fleming
Pulaski Park Neighborhood Association
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