Is it a done deal yet? Your views on Division/Ashland

We've been posting letters at on plans for a drive-through bank on the former Pizza Hut lot at Division and Ashland.  There are more to come. 

On the website you also can read four years of posts on the community's concerns at that corner (here's just one statement from 2007), and EVA's 1st Ward briefing paper to bring Ald. Proco Joe Moreno up to speed last year.

Neighbors also are leaving their own comments, not only on this week's EVA statement on Division/Ashland development but also on our Facebook page and on the OhSoWe site. We'd like to hear from you too. More important, so should the alderman


  1. There are already three banks on that corner! Isn't that enough? Plus, there is another empty building across the street of a failed bank! Building another bank building is not a good idea. Diversify your community investments, East Village!

  2. From my perspective the issue I think some of us are losing sight of (in other related posts), is: that its not the aspect that "its a bank", more so, its the building itself. If the "Happy-go-time-super-awesome-industries" wanted to build a one story store with a drive through, I'd be completely against that also. If PNC wants to be part of a larger, more appropriate building (as outlined by the EVA), I wouldn't care that much.

  3. Also, a robust discussion of this issue continues on the Everyblock website.


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