Carol Mrwoka on Division/Ashland development

Alderman Joe,

I understand there may be a plan to allow a drive-in bank at the old Pizza Hut site on Division and Ashland.

As you are fully aware I don't generally have an issue about property rights. People should be allowed to do with their property (within the law and zoning restrictions) whatever their intentions are. However, when safety as well as congestion becomes an issue I believe we need to re-think our plans.

This corner is extremely active with people on foot, cars and buses. When as a pedestrian walking my dogs I tend to avoid this section of the street because of the danger and what I'm going to classify as "street tension." As a motorist I find it's necessary to be extremely aware of this section on Division because of the congestion.

Joe, you're fully aware of our neighborhood and its needs. Your progress and decisions have proven this. Please consider what a drive-in bank could do to the safety of our people.

Thank you for your hard work.
Carol Mrowka

Real-estate broker Mrowka expanded in an email on her letter to the alderman. You might want to write Alderman Moreno too.


There are times we become so intent upon improving our community we forget to put what comes first and is of utmost importance: Is it the safety of our people or
profitability of our businesses? Why not both?

Why this is even an issue for a new structure at the corner of Milwaukee and Division is something one must think about. No one disagrees that corner needs major improvements but at whose expense? My neighbors and I avoid this area because of what we call the danger at that intersection.

We now classify that area as a "street tension" area to be avoided. Drivers are so
intent on getting to their destination that they don’t pay enough attention to
pedestrians and other cars. Can you imagine what a drive-thru would do to increase the accidents statics and lack of safety?

No offense to the banking industry but we have so many in the area, none of which are drive-thru facilities, so why do we need more banks? People are on foot in this area. They use buses, subway, expressways and trains on a daily basis. Why not a specialty coffee shop or desert place. We need a business that services this area of our community. Another bank, really?

We need to seriously rethink our motives and reasons for what we allow to be put up
at this intersection to benefit all of us.

Carol Mrowka
14 year resident
Owner/manager, Carol Mrowka and Company
EcoBroker Certified
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Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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