Alderman, EVA open window of opportunity

Ald. Proco Joe Moreno, chief of staff Raymond Valadez, EVA president Greg Nagel 

Board meeting minutes for March 14, 2011 submitted by Dana Palmer

Attendance: Board members Greg Nagel, Neal McKnight, KK Goh, Dana Palmer, Scott Rappe, Tom Tomek, Aaron Bilton and Stephen Rynkiewicz; non-board members Jennifer Baird, Ald. Proco Joe Moreno, Raymond Valadez. Meeting commenced 7:07 p.m. at Leona's 1936 W. Augusta

Treasurer Transition

KK Goh and Nicole Semple will meet this week to make transition of treasurer.

Trees on Augusta

Neal McKnight reported that the tree census is planned for April 30 and he will write an article for the newsletter to inform the neighborhood. He also reported that he will be working with Ronda Locke to round up kids from Noble Street charter school to help with the census to earn community service hours.

It was also mentioned that the students from the Near North Montessori school are also interested in earning community service hours. The article will be emailed to school boards and the alderman to let everyone know what is happening and to see if any others are interested in participating.

Guest Speakers

April: Nicole Semple to ask Butcher & Larder, Rich Anselmo has Sublime for business minute. The principal of Wells High School is scheduled to be guest speaker.

May: Neal McKnight will ask Mark Duntemann to report on tree census and Jeanne Felknor to present on gardening.

Bylaw Changes

During the April meeting the group will vote to have a more strict boundary system for voting privileges and a longer waiting period to vote after joining.

Landmark/EVA signs

Tom Tomek is currently working on designing new logo for EVA signs. Scott Rappe reported that Heidi Sperry at the city Historic Preservation Division said to call in June about landmark signs; he said he would call. Tom and Stephen Rynkiewicz will also work together to come up with a new logo for the website.

Roots/Bleeding Heart

1st Ward Ald. Joe Moreno and chief of staff Raymond Valadez joined the meeting to discuss Roots' request for a zoning change. Moreno stated that he could not stop a pizza pickup window but advocated withholding an outdoor cafe license unless certain concessions that pleased the neighborhood were made in writing.

Greg Nagel voiced concern about enforcing concessions and the alderman suggested possible consequences if they are not followed. The EVA board will continue to work with Moreno regarding concessions important to the neighborhood.

Meeting adjourned 9:55 p.m.

Membership meeting minutes for March 7, 2011 submitted by Dana Palmer 

Meeting commenced 7:09 p.m. at Happy Village, 1059 N. Wolcott.

Business Minute: Bucktown Music

Jessica Solares of Bucktown Music presented about her business. Bucktown Music is owned by Solares and her husband and located at 1890 N. Milwaukee Ave. Bucktown Music offers lessons to children and adults 6 years and older. They also offer a Kindermusik class for children 6 years and younger. They have been in business for 2 years.

Board Elections

Greg Nagel is running for a second term as president. Neal McKnight is running for a second term as vice president, Kok Keng Goh is running for a first term as treasurer and Dana Palmer is running for a third term as secretary. There were no other nominations for any board position. Scott Rappe made the motion to elect the candidates. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Guest Speakers

Greg Nagel and Aaron Bilton made a presentation about how property taxes are assessed and why, and the process of making an appeal.


Stephen Rynkiewicz stated that the newsletter will be posted on OhSoWe, a website in development that will allow those who join to share information and post comments.


Tom Tomek presented on the month's CAPS meeting and what reports had been made in the area.

Meeting adjourned 8:37 p.m.
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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