LaSalle II adds 65 pupils, reports progress

By Tom Tomek 

For the 2010-11 school year, LaSalle II magnet school admitted 65 new students and will take on an additional staff/teacher position.

Student performance is projected to be above the state standard, according to the roadmap for improvement presented to the local school council Jan. 12.

In Northwest Evaluation Association reports for the school, 1148 N. Honore St., 69.8% of reading and 82.8% of math scores were above proficiency. The results were cited in LaSalle II's biennial School Improvement Plan for Advancing Academic Achievement report, which can be downloaded here.

Points of interest from the LaSalle II SIPAAA report:

  • All of the faculty are judged highly qualified and are dedicated to the students and school community, the report said. According to parent surveys, most parents are satified with the academic rigor and quality of instruction. Transfers to and from the school are low, making for more stable classrooms.

  • All teachers went through Kagan Professional Development and Highly Effective Teaching workshops. "These frameworks are used to create nurturing classroom environments where students feel safe, welcomed, encouraged, and challenged," the report said.

  • Students participate in the role-playing exercises to learn positive social interactions and conflict resolution, and attend enrichment programs funded by the LaSalle II Parent-Teacher Organization.

  • In describing challenges to student performance, the report cites "barriers that keep some families from participating in school activities, adhering to school policies, and supporting their children at home." The report pledges to raise parents' expectations "so that we can work together to increase student achievement."

  • The LaSalle II local school council website is being refined in conjunction with a new LaSalle II school website. Consistency of school name and identity is being considered. The LSC approved fundraising for a touch-screen computer to aid special-needs students.

    The next meeting is at 6 p.m. Feb. 8.
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