Board clears deck for cafe vote

Dec. 13 board meeting minutes submitted by Dana Palmer


Board members Greg Nagel, Neal McKnight, Dana Palmer, Tom Tomek, Scott Rappe and Stephen Rynkiewicz, non-board member Rich Anselmo. Meeting commenced 6:33 p.m.

Bleeding Heart/Roots

The board discussed plans for development of Roots at 1924 W. Chicago Ave. and Bleeding Heart Bakery at 1916 W. Chicago Ave. Although these two businesses were presented together, the board concluded that they are two separate businesses and EVA is being asked to support a special use zoning for a rooftop deck at the 1916 W. Chicago Ave. address for Bleeding Heart Bakery. Therefore, at the January membership meeting, a vote will take place regarding whether to support or oppose the special use zoning for the rooftop deck only. Greg Nagel will draft a statement and seek board approval regarding the board and Planning, Preservation and Development Committee stance regarding this request and it will be posted in the EVA newsletter.

In regards to the Roots development at 1924 W. Chicago Ave., concern was brought forth regarding the lack of concessions to neighbors. However, construction has already begun at that site. Therefore, the board has decided the best course of action would be to present the neighbors' concerns to the alderman.

Trees on Augusta

Neal McKnight spoke with arborist Mark Duntemann, who stated that spring would be a good time to start the tree inventory. His plans are to have a training session for residents interested in volunteering in April and then begin the inventory in May.

January Membership Meeting

The Jan. 3 agenda is set for A.Vision (910 N. Damen Ave.) to do the business minute and then Bleeding Heart/Roots to be guest speakers. For February, Greg Nagel will contact the alderman's office to request a Streets & Sanitation guest speaker.

New Business

Rich Anselmo raised the issue of property values being greatly linked to schools in the area and what can be done to improve high schools in East Village. He agreed to write an article for the newsletter regarding this issue.

Greg Nagel also presented an initiative that he came up with and presented to the alderman called the Collaborative Development Council. Nagel stated that the alderman is in favor and is looking to enlist this program as a delegate agency under his office. The goal would be to work with the neighborhood groups, chambers of commerce, alderman's office and local businesses to achieve a common goal, for example a coffee kiosk in the Polish Triangle. The CDC would gather the opinions and concerns of all the groups and attempt to come up with an agreement and put it into action.

CAPS report

Tom Tomek presented a follow-up regarding the recent CAPS meeting. The recent shooting near Wells High School is suspected to be a gang issue involving an older individual. Also, thefts on the CTA were said to be eliminated after students were expelled. Finally, some thefts have been occurring on Marshfield at empty buildings and construction sites.

Meeting adjourned 8:16 p.m.
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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