Next meetings: Wicker Park business, window repair, parkways

Aug. 9 board meeting minutes submitted by Dana Palmer

Board Members: Greg Nagel, Nicole Semple, Dana Palmer, Aaron Bilton, Tom Tomek, Stephen Rynkiewicz, Scott Rappe; Non-board Members: Kenan Obaid. Meeting commenced at 6:39 p.m.

Annual BBQ: Nicole Semple suggested sending thank yous to all businesses that donated food and supplies for the BBQ. Dana Palmer agreed to send out the thank yous.

Next general meeting: Due to the next scheduled membership meeting falling on the Monday after Labor Day, the board agreed to reschedule the meeting to Tuesday, Sept. 7. Stephen Rynkiewicz agreed to announce the change of date on the website.

September membership meeting: The Wicker Park Chamber of Commerce and Special Service Area have agreed to be guest speakers. Janik's Cafe has agreed to do the business minute.

October membership meeting: Principal from LaSalle School is not able to commit to come but plans to if available. Greg Nagel will ask Dan Nehm to also present on windows and energy efficiency.

November membership meeting: Greg Nagel will ask Streets & Sanitation to
present on parkway issues. Will draft a list of questions for the speaker.

EVA signs: Greg Nagel agreed to send an e-mail of suggested text to place on notification signs each month.

Treasurer's report: Nicole Semple deposited the money from new memberships at the BBQ. She has not been successful in obtaining a new bank account so EVA is sticking with Banco Popular. In regard to the post office box, Nicole Semple agreed to attempt to retrieve mail from old box at Carroll Street station. She will also ask about having mail forwarded to new post box. If unsuccessful, she will e-mail Greg Nagel who will bring up issue with Alderman Moreno.

Unfavorable businesses in area: Some members suggested that there are some new and proposed businesses in the EVA neighborhood that are unfavorable. Scott Rappe will speak with Jamie Simon from the Chamber and Aaron Bilton will speak with Phil McFarland about the issue.

Membership list: After several new memberships were received at the BBQ, Dana Palmer has agreed to update the membership list. After doing so, will send out letters and e-mails to those members who are not up to date asking for them to renew. As for annual renewal, Aaron Bilton stated there is already a general renewal date being December of every year.

Meeting adjourned at 7:56 p.m.
Tom Tomek business card
Anselmo @properties business card,
Ask Nagel business card.

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